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461Battle Picture LibraryU Boat’s Grave
Bk 2I, ZombieU Vampire
7I, ZombieU Vampire, Part 1; Vampires Are Sucky!
8I, ZombieU Vampire, Part 2; Rumbling
9I, ZombieU Vampire, Part 3; Playing Games
10I, ZombieU Vampire, Part 4; Next of Kin
11I, ZombieU Vampire, Part 5; Bargaining
7West Coast AvengersU, Robot!
7West Coast Avengers (Canadian Edition)U, Robot!
1Captain America & Thor: AvengersU-Base; Citadel of Spires
618Combat Picture Library (2nd Series)U-boat Captain
2458CommandoU-Boat Chase
4101CommandoU-Boat Curse
909CommandoU-Boat Hero
2211CommandoU-Boat Hero
21Air Ace Picture LibraryU-Boat Hunters
963Battle Picture LibraryU-boat Hunters
323Battle Picture Library (2nd Series)U-boat Hunters
12Submarine AttackU-Boat Master; Suicide Dive; The Silent Stalker; Shakedown Cruise
1519CommandoU-Boat Menace
1Blazing Combat: World War I and World War IIU-Boat; Lone Hawk; Souvenirs; The Battle Of Britain
184Wonder Woman (2nd Series)U-Boats & Dinosaurs
38Invaders, The (2nd Series)U-Man Comes to Town!
38Invaders, The (UK Edition)U-Man Comes To Town!
4Invaders, The (2nd Series)U-Man Must Be Stopped!
4Invaders, The (UK Edition)U-Man Must Be Stopped!
626Phantom, The (Frew)U-Town (The Great Uranium Racket); The Female Phantom
102Phantom, The (Frew)U-Town; The Female Phantom
192Phantom, The (Frew)U-Town; The Female Phantom
303Phantom, The (Frew)U-Town; The Female Phantom
452Phantom, The (Frew)U-Town; The Female Phantom
839Phantom, The (Frew)U-Town; The Female Phantom
383Spirit, The (1st Series)U.F.O.
30Kamandi, the Last Boy on EarthU.F.O. The Wildest Trip Ever!; The Door!
Bk 1Futaba-kun Change (Vol. 8)U.F.O. Unidentified Foreign Origin
1U.F.O. And Alien ComixU.F.O.; Daddy and the Pie; the Pie and I; Companions to the Sun; Generations of Noah; Pliny Marsh; Stars, My Salvation
5Thirteen Something!U.F.O.OOOHH!!; Money and No $en$e; I Don’t Get It
2Skrulls vs. Power PackU.G.: Universal Gangstaz; Mini Marvels
1Legends of the DC UniverseU.L.T.R.A. Humanite, Part 1; Madness and Science
2Legends of the DC UniverseU.L.T.R.A. Humanite, Part 2; Mad Science
3Legends of the DC UniverseU.L.T.R.A. Humanite, Part 3; Mad Scientist
2Astronauts in Trouble: Space 1959U.S. And Them
68SuperstripU.S. Army 1 De Amerikanen nemen Wraak
76SuperstripU.S. Army 2
84SuperstripU.S. Army 3
92SuperstripU.S. Army 4
111SuperstripU.S. Army 5
119SuperstripU.S. Army 6
4True ComicsU.S. Army Chief; Danger in the Arctic; Record Breakers; Old Glory; Sail, Ho!; My Greatest Adventure (text story); Unsung Heroes: John Weatherby; Heroine of the White House; Chinese Hero No. 1: Chiang Kai-Shek; Builder of Canada: Alexander MacKenzie; Frontier Fighters: John Charles Fremont
1980Story of Electronics—The Discovery That Changed the World!U.S. NASA Space Telescope
103SuperstripU.S. Navy 1
123SuperstripU.S. Navy 2
133SuperstripU.S. Navy 3
142SuperstripU.S. Navy 4
150SuperstripU.S. Navy 5
155SuperstripU.S. Navy 6
28Donald Duck Adventures (Disney)U.S. Olympic Team Photo Finish; Lounge Act; Neighborhood Watch; The Play-Off Contest; TV Chef; Travel Tightwad
575Walt Disney’s Comics and StoriesU.S. Olympic Tema Tryout; Li’l Bad Wolf; Bucky Bug; Pinocchio; Aunt Marissa; Peter and the Wolf; mystery of the Robot Army
8Jackpot ComicsU.S. Troops Invade Africa; How to be a Detective; The Vengeance of the Aztec; Bone Battle; Monkey Business; This Country Life; Feud Still Raging; Maiden in Distress (text); The Mummy Mission; Jest Jokes
1979Story of Electronics—The Discovery That Changed the World!U.S. Voyager I
1U.S. 1U.S.1 Comin’ At Ya!
1U.S. 1 (Canadian Edition)U.S.1 Comin’ At Ya!
1Captain America and CrossbonesU.S.A. Super-Hero
3Sergeant Barney BarkerU.S.O. Tour; End of Retreat; Purple Heart; Barker’s Belly-Laffs!; Distinguished Flying Cross; The Loudmouth!; A Man Who Gets Things Done!
18Ren & Stimpy ShowU.S.Ohhhhh No!
8Supreme PowerUbi Dubium, Ibi Libertas
3Plastic SodaUbiquitous Funnies; Life After Dark: Chapter 2, Installment Two; Team K.A.T.O.; Jesus Comix #2: Chapters One and Two; Juan: The Man Who Says Things That are not Very Funny; Super Heroes?; Yankton the Mad Guy; Pendex; Battle for the Womb; Top Secret; A Day at the Ballpark; Irony Lights in My Life
5Top 10: Beyond the Farthest PrecinctUbiquitous Stigmata
11AGUboboros; Blue Eyes; Creak; Like A leech; Anime; Games
44CimiteriaUccello Arrosto
225Collana Tex GiganteUccidere o morire
557Collana Tex GiganteUccidete Kit Willer!
53Uomo Ragno, L’ (1st Series)UCCIDETE L’UOMO RAGNO!
630ZagorUccidete lord Malcom!
SE 13Nathan Never (Sergio Bonelli)Uccidete Nathan Never!
54Dragonero (Sergio Bonelli)Uccisori di draghi
54/ADragonero (Sergio Bonelli)Uccisori di draghi
Bk 1Sam and TwitchUdaku
1Sam and TwitchUdaku, Part 1
2Sam and TwitchUdaku, Part 2
3Sam and TwitchUdaku, Part 3
4Sam and TwitchUdaku, Part 4
5Sam and TwitchUdaku, Part 5
8Sam and TwitchUdaku, Part 8
125Amar Chitra KathaUdayana
3DronesUdder Chaos
3/ADronesUdder Chaos
197Martin MystèreUFO 1896
259Adventures of the Big BoyUFO Case; Saturday Cartoons
60Perry: Unser Mann Im AllUFO Specialists at Work
92000 A.D. Extreme EditionUFO; Mach 0; Return to Sharpe; The Dolphin Tapes; Swamp Saga; Origins; The Final Encounter
5Casper & WendyUggama; It’s Hard to Stay Mean!; Helpful Uncle Fuzzy; Monster-Minding
3Casper And…Uggama; It’s Hard to Stay Mean; Damaged Wishes; More Dented Fairy Tales
23Richie Rich and GloriaUggle; I’ll See You Long Ago; Gloria’s Ordeal; Here’s How
784Phantom, The (Frew)Ughland
1269CommandoUgly Duckling
1020Detective ComicsUgly Heart, Part 1
1020/ADetective ComicsUgly Heart, Part 1
1021Detective ComicsUgly Heart, Part 2
1021/ADetective ComicsUgly Heart, Part 2
1022Detective ComicsUgly Heart, Part 3: Infliction
1022/ADetective ComicsUgly Heart, Part 3; Infliction
1RiptideUgly Little Dreams
2RiptideUgly Little Dreams
Bk 12Buffy the Vampire SlayerUgly Little Monsters
40Buffy the Vampire SlayerUgly Little Monsters, Part 1
40/SCBuffy the Vampire SlayerUgly Little Monsters, Part 1
41Buffy the Vampire SlayerUgly Little Monsters, Part 2
41/SCBuffy the Vampire SlayerUgly Little Monsters, Part 2
42Buffy the Vampire SlayerUgly Little Monsters, Part 3
42/SCBuffy the Vampire SlayerUgly Little Monsters, Part 3
1Death WreckUgly Scenes!
1/ACrow/Razor, The: Kill The Pain TourbookUglyboy
1/CCrow/Razor, The: Kill The Pain TourbookUglyboy
1Seven Soldiers: FrankensteinUglyhead
48Sensational She-Hulk, TheUh-Oh
4Nexus (Vol. 2)Uh-Oh It’s The Ziggurat
1652Uhebbuki; The Origin of Black Adam
30Star Trek (3rd Series)Uhura’s Story
3Walt Disney’s Vacation ParadeUInexpected Passenger; The Mystery of the Ivory Dogs; Bucky’s Buggy; Goofy Teaching (text); Th’ No-Fibbin’ Day
2Ranma 1/2 Part 5Ukyo’s Secret; Ryoga vs. Ukyo
1Star Wars: Tales of the JediUlic Qel-Droma And The Beast Wars Of Onderon
1/AStar Wars: Tales of the JediUlic Qel-Droma And The Beast Wars Of Onderon
22Biblioteca Marvel: ThorUlik desencadenado; ¡La noche del Troll!; ¡Tiempo-moto!; ¡Cuando los dioses hacen la guerra!; ¡La nave de la muerte surca las estrellas!; ¡Cuando el servidor ordena!; ¡Confusión en el cauce temporal!
237ThorUlik Unchained; Those Who Watch; Interlude; Night War
237Thor (UK Edition)Ulik Unchained; Those Who Watch; Interlude; Night War
173ThorUlik Unleashed!
2Thor (UK Edition, 2nd Series)Ulik Unleashed!
32Thor (Vértice, 1st Series)Ulik, desbocado; Regreso a la tierra salvaje
52Amar Chitra KathaUloopi
82A Porte ChiuseUltima Infamia
2Big Bang Comics (Vol. 1)Ultiman vs. The Sub-oteurs; The Blitz: Night of 1000 Stars and Stripes; The Human Sub: Meet the Human Sub
3Big Bang Comics (Vol. 2)Ultiman: The Crimes of Ultiman!; Thunder Girl Meets Her Evil Imitator
Bk 6All-New X-MenUltimate Adventure
Bk 6/HCAll-New X-MenUltimate Adventure
65Ultimate Spider-ManUltimate Carnage Pt 5
Bk 1/DLXUltimate Marvel Team-UpUltimate Collection
0Sensational Spider-Man, The (2nd Series)Ultimate Commitment
23Iron Man (3rd Series)Ultimate Danger
8Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man: Web WarriorsUltimate Deadpool
48Weird War TalesUltimate Destiny; The Greeks had A Word For It!; The Day After Doomsday!
25Iron Man (3rd Series)Ultimate Devastation; Spider-Man: Fast Lane, Part 3; On The Edge
Bk 3Ultimate ExtinctionUltimate Extinction
1Ultimate ExtinctionUltimate Extinction, Part 1
1/AUltimate ExtinctionUltimate Extinction, Part 1
2Ultimate ExtinctionUltimate Extinction, Part 2
2Ultimate FalloutUltimate Fallout, Part 2
2/AUltimate FalloutUltimate Fallout, Part 2
3Ultimate FalloutUltimate Fallout, Part 3
3/AUltimate FalloutUltimate Fallout, Part 3
4Ultimate FalloutUltimate Fallout, Part 4
4-2Ultimate FalloutUltimate Fallout, Part 4
4/AUltimate FalloutUltimate Fallout, Part 4
4/A-2Ultimate FalloutUltimate Fallout, Part 4
5Ultimate FalloutUltimate Fallout, Part 5
5/AUltimate FalloutUltimate Fallout, Part 5
6Ultimate FalloutUltimate Fallout, Part 6
6/AUltimate FalloutUltimate Fallout, Part 6
1Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic FourUltimate Fantastic Four/X-Men, Part 1
1Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-MenUltimate Fantastic Four/X-Men, Part 2
2Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic FourUltimate Fantastic Four/X-Men, Part 2
5Max Ride: Ultimate FlightUltimate Fight
7Contest of ChampionsUltimate Fighting, Part 1
7/AContest of ChampionsUltimate Fighting, Part 1
8Contest of ChampionsUltimate Fighting, Part 2
8/AContest of ChampionsUltimate Fighting, Part 2
24Iron Man (3rd Series)Ultimate Fury!; Spider-Man: Fast Lane, Part 2; Feel the Rush!
Bk 1Ultimate NightmareUltimate Galactus Book 1
Bk 1Ultimate SecretUltimate Galactus Book 2: Secret
1Ultimate HumanUltimate Human
Dlx 18Ultimate Spider-ManUltimate Knights
106Ultimate Spider-ManUltimate Knights, Part 1
107Ultimate Spider-ManUltimate Knights, Part 2
108Ultimate Spider-ManUltimate Knights, Part 3
109Ultimate Spider-ManUltimate Knights, Part 4
110Ultimate Spider-ManUltimate Knights, Part 5
Bk 6/HCInfinity 8Ultimate Knowledge
2Danganronpa 2Ultimate Luck And Hope And Despair
1Danganronpa 2Ultimate Luck Hope Despair
3Danganronpa 2Ultimate Luck Hope Despair
1Dark TimesUltimate New Mutants; Chaos Punks; Strumhaus
Bk 1Ultimate OriginsUltimate Origins
Bk 1/AUltimate OriginsUltimate Origins
Bk 1/HCUltimate OriginsUltimate Origins
1/AUltimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 1
1/BUltimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 1
1/CUltimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 1
1/DUltimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 1
1/EUltimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 1
1/FUltimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 1
2-2Ultimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 2
2/AUltimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 2
2/BUltimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 2
2/CUltimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 2
3Ultimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 3
3-2Ultimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 3
3/AUltimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 3
4Ultimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 4
4/AUltimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 4
5Ultimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 5
5/AUltimate OriginsUltimate Origins, Part 5
Bk 1Ultimate PowerUltimate Power
Bk 1/HCUltimate PowerUltimate Power
1Ultimate PowerUltimate Power, Part 1
1/AUltimate PowerUltimate Power, Part 1
1/BUltimate PowerUltimate Power, Part 1
1/CUltimate PowerUltimate Power, Part 1
2Ultimate PowerUltimate Power, Part 2
3Ultimate PowerUltimate Power, Part 3
4Ultimate PowerUltimate Power, Part 4
5Ultimate PowerUltimate Power, Part 5
6Ultimate PowerUltimate Power, Part 6
7Ultimate PowerUltimate Power, Part 7
8Ultimate PowerUltimate Power, Part 8
9Ultimate PowerUltimate Power, Part 9
Anl 1Ultimate X-MenUltimate Sacrifice
Dlx 9Ultimate Spider-ManUltimate Six
Dlx 9-2Ultimate Spider-ManUltimate Six
Dlx 5/HCUltimate Spider-ManUltimate Six; Hollywood
11Green Arrow (2nd Series)Ultimate Speedy
7/AHero Squad (Disney’s…)Ultimate Threat, Part 2; Fight Before the Exams, Part 1
7/BHero Squad (Disney’s…)Ultimate Threat, Part 2; Fight Before the Exams, Part 1
43All-Star SquadronUltimate Victory!
1Ultimate VisionUltimate Vision, Part 1
2Ultimate VisionUltimate Vision, Part 2
3Ultimate VisionUltimate Vision, Part 3
4Ultimate VisionUltimate Vision, Part 4
5Ultimate VisionUltimate Vision, Part 5
Bk 5Ultimate X-MenUltimate War
Bk 5-2Ultimate X-MenUltimate War
1Valiant Illustrated Action Books: Ultimate Warrior’s WorkoutUltimate Warrior’s Workout
1WWF: World Wrestling FoundationUltimate Warrior’s Workout
1Star Trek: Voyager—The Planet KillerUltimate Weapon
2You Choose Stories: Justice LeagueUltimate Weapon
Bk 1Ultimate Wolverine vs. HulkUltimate Wolverine vs. Hulk
Bk 1/HCUltimate Wolverine vs. HulkUltimate Wolverine vs. Hulk
5Ultimate Wolverine vs. HulkUltimate Wolverine vs. Hulk, Part 5
5-2Ultimate Wolverine vs. HulkUltimate Wolverine vs. Hulk, Part 5
6Ultimate Wolverine vs. HulkUltimate Wolverine vs. Hulk, Part 6
1Ultimate Marvel SamplerUltimates 3; Ultimate Iron Man II; Ultimate Human; Ultimate Spider-Man; Ultimate Fantastic Four; Ultimate X-Men; March On Ultimatum; Ultimate Origins
1Ultimate WarUltimates vs. Ultimate X-Men
2Ultimate WarUltimates vs. Ultimate X-Men
3Ultimate WarUltimates vs. Ultimate X-Men
4Ultimate WarUltimates vs. Ultimate X-Men
5Marvel Must HavesUltimates vs. Ultimate X–Men
Ash 2VampiUltimatrix
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