Titles starting with the letter “F”

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TitlePublisherYears Published
F1rst HeroAction Lab2014
F1rst Hero, The: Fight For Your LifeAction Lab2015
F1rst Hero, The: Wednesday’s ChildAction Lab2016
F-3 BanditAntarctic1995-1996
F5 (Génération)Panini 
F5 OriginDark Horse2001
FAB Facts (Gerry Anderson’s…)HarperCollins 
Fables (Panini)Panini2006-2008
Fables: 1001 Nights of SnowfallVertigo2006
Fables and Funnies (Walt Kelly’s…)Dark Horse2016
Fables by the Brothers DimmDimm1995
Fables Covers by James JeanVertigo2010
Fables EncyclopediaVertigo2013
Fables for Winged ChildrenNewcomers1996
Fables of WinterDark Visions1995
Fables: The Last CastleVertigo2003
Fables: The Wolf Among UsVertigo2015-2016
Fables: Werewolves of the HeartlandVertigo2011
FabricariRusted Pipe Through the Eye1999
Fabulous BabesDrawn and Quarterly 
Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, TheRip Off1971-1988
Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers LibraryRip Off 
Faccia Di CanePanini2015
Face, The (Columbia)Columbia1941, 1948, 1949
Face (Vertigo)Vertigo1995
Face d’Ange (Comics Pocket)Arédit 
Faceless, The: A Terry Sharp StoryImage2005
Faces of Evil: DeathstrokeDC2009
Faces of Evil: KobraDC2009
Faces of Evil: PrometheusDC2009
Faces Of Evil: Solomon GrundyDC2009
Face Value ComicsFace Value2014
Fa’ Come Ti ParePanini2007
Facteur XSemic1989-1996
Faction ParadoxImage2003
Factor, TheAbout1998
Factory 12Tunnel Vision1995
Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch, TheDark Horse2008
Facts O’ Life FunniesRip Off1972
Factual IllusionBlackmore1994
Faculty FunniesArchie1989-1990
Fade From BlueSecond 2 Some2002-2005
Fade From GraceBeckett2004-2005
Fade Out, TheImage2014-2016
Fade To BlackImage2010
Faerie CodexRaven1997
Faerie LustNBM2005
Faerie Path: Lamia’s RevengeHarperCollins 
Faeries’ LandingTokyopop2004-Present
Faerie StarMoon Press1977
Fafhrd and the Gray MouserEpic1990-1991
Fafi: The Carmine VaultUniverse2012
Fafner: Dead AggressorDigital Manga2010
Fafnir: American IdolatryArcana2010
Fagin the JewDoubleday2003
Fahrenheit 451Hill and Wang2009
Failed UniverseBlackthorne1986
Fail of the Living DeadAntarctic2011
Fairest In All the LandVertigo2013
Fairly Odd Parents, TheTokyopop2004
Fair Skinned BeautyRedlight2002
Fair WeatherDrawn and Quarterly2003
Fairy CubePanini2007
Fairy GirlsKodansha2015-2016
Fairy GodbrothersAdaptive2018
Fairy Idol KanonUdon2009
Fairy Navigator RunaDel Rey2010
Fairy Quest: OutcastsBoom!2014
Fairy Quest—OutlawsMafufo2011, 2013
Fairy TailDel Rey2008-2018
Fairy Tail Blue MistralKodansha2015
Fairy Tail: Ice TrailKodansha2015
Fairy Tail: RhodoniteKodansha2017
Fairy Tail SKodansha2017
Fairy Tail: The Twin Dragons of SabertoothKodansha2016
Fairy Tail ZeroKodansha2016
Fairy Tale ParadeDell1942-1943
Fairy TalesZiff-Davis1951
Fairy Tales (Walt Kelly’s…)Idea + Design Works2015
Fairy Tales for Angry Little GirlsAbrams2011
Fairy Tales of Oscar WildeNBM1992, 1998, 2003- 2004
Fairy Tales of the Brothers GrimmNBM 
Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (Taschen)Taschen2011
Faith (Lightning)Lightning1997
Faith (Valiant)Valiant2016
Faith (Valiant, 2nd Series)Valiant2016-2017
Faith (Vertigo)Vertigo1999-2000
Faith: A FableCarbon-Based2000
Faith and the Future ForceValiant2017
Faith of the FoeFandom House1987
Faith Series, TheBluewater2010
Faith’s Winter Wonderland SpecialValiant2017
Fake EmpireDarby Pop2016
Fake FurYaoi2007
Falcon (2nd Series)Marvel2017-2018
Falcon (Canadian Edition)Marvel1983-1984
Falk, Ritter ohne Furcht und TadelLehning1963
Fall (215)215 Ink2011
Fall, The (Big Bad World)Big Bad World1999
Fall, The (Caliber)Caliber 
Fall, The (Drawn and Quarterly)Drawn and Quarterly2002
Fall and Rise of Captain Atom, TheDC2017
Fallen, TheNBM2004
Fallen, The (Marvel)Marvel2016
Fallen AngelDC2003-2005
Fallen Angel (Drawn & Quarterly)Drawn and Quarterly2006
Fallen Angel (Idea + Design Works)Idea + Design Works2005-Present
Fallen Angel OmnibusIdea + Design Works2009
Fallen Angel on the World of Magic: The GatheringArmada1996
Fallen Angel RebornIdea + Design Works2009
Fallen Angel: Return of the SonIdea + Design Works2011
Fallen AngelsMarvel1987
Fallen Empires on the World of Magic: The GatheringArmada1995
Fallen JusticeRed Handed2009-2010
Fallen Son: The Death of Captain AmericaMarvel2007
Fallen SunsChapter House2017
Fallen WordsDrawn and Quarterly2012
Falling for LionheartIdea + Design Works2010
Falling in LoveDC1955-1973
Falling Man, TheImage1998
Falling SkiesDark Horse2011
Fall of CthulhuBoom!2007
Fall of Cthulhu: ApocalypseBoom!2008
Fall of Cthulhu: Cover GalleryBoom!2008
Fall of Cthulhu: GodwarBoom!2008
Fall of Cthulhu: NemesisBoom!2009
Fall Of Stardust, AGreen Man1999
Fall of the House of Usher, The (Edgar Allan Poe’s…)Dark Horse2013
Fall of the Hulks: AlphaMarvel2010
Fall of the Hulks: GammaMarvel2010
Fall of the Hulks PreludeMarvel2010
Fall of the Hulks: Red HulkMarvel2010
Fall of the Hulks: The Savage She-HulksMarvel2010
Fall of the Roman Empire, TheGold Key1964
Fall of the WolfmenAccent UK2011
FalloutGeneral Tektronics2001
Fallout 3000 (Mike Deodato’s…)Caliber1996
Fall Out: New Vegas—All RoadsDark Horse2010
Fall Out Toy WorksImage2009-2010
Falls the Gotham RainCOMICO1992
False MemoriesSublime2013
Fame/The Puppy SisterBluewater2010
Families of Altered Wars Presents Angels 750Antarctic2004
Families of Altered Wars Presents Luftwaffe: 1946Antarctic 
Families of Altered Wars Presents Panzer: 1946Antarctic2004-2005
Family (Arcana)Arcana2013
Family AffairGold Key1970
Family BonesKing Tractor2006
Family Circus LibraryIdea + Design Works2009
Family Dynamic, TheDC2008
Family FunniesHarvey1950-1951
Family GuyTitan2011
Family Guy (Devil’s Due)Devil’s Due2006
Family Guy Cine-MangaTokyopop2004
Family Guy Coloring BookTitan2017
Family ManParadox1995
Family MatterKitchen Sink1998
Family PetsZenescope2015
Family Secret, AAnne Frank House2006
Family TiesNBM2013
Family Trade, TheImage2017-2018
Family TreeDiva1994
Famine LandsZB2008
Famous Classics IllustratedGMS1971
Famous ComicsKing1934
Famous comics (Zain-Eppy)Zain-Eppy1933-1934
Famous CrimesFox1948-1953
Famous Fairy TalesK.K.1942-1944
Famous Fantastic ClassicsFAX1975
Famous Features (Jerry Iger’s …)Pacific1984
Famous Feature StoriesDell1938
Famous First EditionDC1974-1975, 1979
Famous Five, The AnnualHodder 
Famous FunniesFamous Funnies1934-1955
Famous Funnies: A Carnival of ComicsEastern Color1933
Famous Funnies Series 1Eastern Color1934
Famous GangstersAvon1951-1952
Famous Indian TribesDell1962, 1972
Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil GogosVanguard2005
Famous Monsters Gallery: The Dark ArtsMovieland2011
Famous Monsters of FilmlandWarren1958-Present
Famous Monsters Presents: BornhomeAmerican Gothic Press2015-2016
Famous Monsters Presents: GunsuitsAmerican Gothic Press2015
Famous Monsters Presents: Spook-A-RamaAmerican Gothic Press2015
Famous Monsters Presents: Tales From the Acker-MansionAmerican Gothic Press2016
Famous Naval Battles of WW2NEC2002
Famous StarsZiff-Davis1950-1952
Famous StoriesDell 
Famous TV Funday FunniesHarvey1961
Famous Western BadmenYouthful1952-1953
Fana the Jungle GirlComax1990
Fanboy (Leonine)Leonine 
Fanboy: Journal of Comic FandomJam1993
Fanboys Vs. ZombiesBoom!2012
Fan Connection, TheMilky Way 
Fancy Froglin UncensoredAlternative2016
Fancy LalaPanini2002
Fancy Pop DesignPie2018
Fandom ConfidentialKitchen Sink1982
Fandom’s Finest ComicsHamster1997
Fandom Team-UpRock Bottom1986
Fang (Conquest)Conquest 
Fang (Sirius)Sirius1995
Fang (Tangram)Tangram1992
Fangbone! Third-Grade BarbarianPutnam Juvenile2012
Fangirl Life, The: A Guide to All the Feels and Learning How to DealPutnam Publishing2016
Fangs of K’aath, TheMU1997
Fangs of the CobraMythic1996
Fangs of the WidowGround Zero1995-1997
Fangs of the Widow (London Night)London Night1995
Fang: TestamentSirius1995-1997
FanimeGraphic Visions1995
Fanny & RomeoConundrum2012
Fanny HillShunga 
Fans Star LibraryAmalgamated1958
FantaMelrose Square1982-1984
Fantaco’s Chronicles SeriesFantaCo1982
FantagorLast Gasp1970-1972, 1983
FantascienzaEdizioni B.S.D.1991
FantaseaBlack Unicorn1997
Fantask (Lug)Editions Lug1969
Fantask (Semic)Semic2001-2002
Fantastic (Youthful)Youthful1952
Fantastic 4th Voyage of SinbadMarvel2001
Fantastic Adventures (Ace)Ace1987
Fantastic Adventures (Super)Super1963-1964
Fantastic Adventures (Ziff-Davis)Ziff-Davis1948
Fantastic Art of Arthur Suydam, The: American MaverickVanguard2006
Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta, TheBantam Books1975
Fantastic ButterfliesAlternative2002
Fantastic Comics (Farrell)Farrell1954-1955
Fantastic Comics (Fox)Fox1939-1941
Fantastic Comics (Image)Image2008
Fantastic Exploits (vol. 2)James Van Hise 
Fantastic Fables (Basil Wolverton’s…)Dark Horse1993
Fantastic Fables (Silverwolf)Silverwolf1987
Fantastic Fanzine (Vol. 1)Arrow1984-1986
Fantastic Fanzine (Vol. 2)Arrow1986
Fantastic Fanzine (Vol. 3)Arrow1992
Fantastic Fanzine (Vol. 4)Arrow 
Fantastic FearsFarrell1953-1954
Fantastic FilmsBlake1980
Fantastic FirstsMarvel2002
Fantastic FiveMarvel1999-2000, 2007
Fantastic Five (2nd Series)Marvel2007, 2009
Fantastic ForceMarvel1994-1996
Fantastic Force (2nd Series)Marvel2009
Fantastic Four (4th Series)Marvel2013-2014
Fantastic Four (5th Series)Marvel2014-Present
Fantastic Four (Bethy)Bethy 
Fantastic Four (Federal)Federal1984-1986
Fantastic Four (Fireside Book)Marvel1979
Fantastic Four (Heritage)Heritage1968-1984
Fantastic Four (Juniorpress)Juniorpress1979-1982
Fantastic Four (Juniorpress, 2nd series)Juniorpress1983-1986
Fantastic Four (Marvel Deutschland)Marvel Deutschland2001
Fantastic Four (Newton)Newton1974-1976
Fantastic Four (Panini France, 1st Series)Panini1998-1999
Fantastic Four (Panini France, 2nd Series)Panini1999-2000
Fantastic Four, The (Paperbacks)Marvel1979
Fantastic Four (Taco Bell Giveaway)Marvel2009
Fantastic Four (UK Edition, Vol. 1)Marvel1961-1981
Fantastic Four (UK Edition, Vol. 2)Marvel UK1982-1983
Fantastic Four (Vol. 1)Marvel1961–1996, 2003–2012, 2015
Fantastic Four (Vol. 2)Marvel1996-1997
Fantastic Four (Vol. 3)Marvel1998-2003
Fantastic Four (Vol. 1, Canadian Edition)Marvel1982-1986
Fantastic Four (Yaffa)Yaffa1978-1982
Fantastic Four (Young Model Builders Club Giveaway)Marvel1981
Fantastic Four 100 Project, TheMarvel2012
Fantastic Four: 1 2 3 4Marvel2001–2002
Fantastic Four 2099Marvel1996
Fantastic Four 2K GamesMarvel2007
Fantastic Four: A Death in The FamilyMarvel2006
Fantastic Four AdventuresMarvel UK2005-2008
Fantastic Four Adventures (Vol. 2)Marvel UK2010-2012
Fantastic Four and Power PackMarvel2007-2008
Fantastic Four: Artist’s Edition (Jack Kirby’s…)Idea + Design Works2016
Fantastic Four, The: Artist’s Edition (John Byrne’s…)Idea + Design Works2013
Fantastic Four: Atlantis RisingMarvel1995
Fantastic Four by John Byrne OmnibusMarvel2011
Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman OmnibusMarvel2013-2014
Fantastic Four by Matt FractionMarvel2015
Fantastic Four Chronicles, TheFantaCo1982
Fantastic Four: Clobberin’ TimeMarvel2005
Fantastic Four Cosmic-Size SpecialMarvel2009
Fantastic Four: Countdown to ChaosBoulevard1998
Fantastic Four Epic CollectionMarvel2014
Fantastic Four: Extended FamilyMarvel2011
Fantastic Four: FireworksMarvel1999
Fantastic Four: First FamilyMarvel 
Fantastic Four: First Family (2nd Series)Marvel2006
Fantastic Four: Flesh And StoneMarvel2001
Fantastic Four: FoesMarvel2005
Fantastic Four: Franklin’s AdventuresMarvel1998
Fantastic Four: House of MMarvel2005
Fantastic Four in…Ataque Del M.O.D.O.K.!Marvel2010
Fantastic Four/InhumansMarvel2007
Fantastic Four: Into the BreachMarvel2002
Fantastic Four: ¡Isla De La Muerte!Marvel2008
Fantastic Four: L’Intégrale (Panini)Panini 
Fantastic Four: Lost Adventures by Stan LeeMarvel2008
Fantastic Four: Monsters UnleashedMarvel1992
Fantastic Four: Nobody Gets Out AliveMarvel1994
Fantastic Four Official Movie MagazineTitan2005
Fantastic Four OmnibusMarvel2005
Fantastic Four Pocket BookMarvel1980
Fantastic Four Poster BookMarvel2004
Fantastic Four Presents Franklin RichardsMarvel2005
Fantastic Four: Redemption of the Silver SurferMarvel1998
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver SurferMarvel 
Fantastic Four RoastMarvel1982
Fantastic Four: Season OneMarvel2011
Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer Poster BookMarvel2007
Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer: The Complete CollectionMarvel2007
Fantastic Four SpecialMarvel1984
Fantastic Four Special (2nd Series)Marvel2006
Fantastic Four/Spider-Man ClassicMarvel2005
Fantastic Four: The EndMarvel2007–2008
Fantastic Four: The LegendMarvel1996
Fantastic Four: The Lost AdventureMarvel2008
Fantastic Four: The Making of the MovieTitan2005
Fantastic Four: The MovieMarvel2005
Fantastic Four: The Secret Story of Marvel’s Cosmic QuartetMarvel1981
Fantastic Four: The Trial of GalactusMarvel1989
Fantastic Four The Ultimate GuideDK2005
Fantastic Four: The Universal GuideMarvel2007
Fantastic Four: The Wedding SpecialMarvel2006
Fantastic Four: The World’s Greatest Comics MagazineMarvel2001-2002
Fantastic Four: Trapped in the Data VortexMarvel2011
Fantastic Four: True StoryMarvel2008–2009
Fantastic Four UnlimitedMarvel1993-1995
Fantastic Four UnpluggedMarvel1995-1996
Fantastic Four Vs. X-MenMarvel1987, 1990, 1994
Fantastic Four VisionariesMarvel2001-2005
Fantastic Four Visionaries: George PérezMarvel2005
Fantastic Four Visionaries: Walter SimonsonMarvel2007-2008
Fantastic Four: War ZonePocket2005
Fantastic Four: What Lies BetweenPocket2007
Fantastic Furry StoriesShanda Fantasy Arts1999
Fantastic Giants (Vol. 2)Charlton1966
Fantastici Quattro (Star)Edizioni Star Comics1988-2007
Fantastici Quattro Gigante, IEditoriale Corno1978-1981
Fantastici Quattro, ICorno1971-1981
Fantastici Quattro, I (2nd Series)Editoriale Corno1983-1984
Fantastic LifeBig If2012
Fantastic Monsters of the FilmsBlack Shield1963
FantasticomixMob Graphic1973
Fantastic PanicAntarctic1993-1994, 1996
Fantastic Panic (Vol. 2)Antarctic1995-1996
Fantastic Stories (Don Marquez’s…)Amryl2001-2002
Fantastic TalesI.W.1958
Fantastic Visions: The Art of Matt BuschAvatar2000
Fantastic Voyage (1st Series)Gold Key1967
Fantastic Voyage (2nd Series)Gold Key1969
Fantastic Voyages of SindbadGold Key1965, 1967
Fantastic Worlds (Flashback)Flashback1995
Fantastic Worlds (Standard)Standard1952-1953
Fantastic Worlds of Frank FrazettaImage 
Fantastiques (Une Aventure des…)Editions Lug1973-1987
Fantastischen Vier 1234, DiePanini2002
Fantastischen Vier Comic-Album, DieCondor1979-1985
Fantastischen Vier-Comic-Taschenbücher, DieCondor1979-1996
Fantastischen Vier, DieWilliams1974-1978, 1999
Fantastischen Vier, Die (Marvel Deutschland, 1st Series)Marvel Deutschland1998
Fantastischen Vier, Die (Marvel Deutschland, 2nd Series)Marvel Deutschland1999-2000
Fantastischen Vier, Die (Marvel Deutschland, 3rd Series)Marvel Deutschland2000
Fantastischen Vier, Die (Panini, 1st Series)Panini2001-2002
Fantastischen Vier, Die (Panini, 2nd Series)Panini2003
Fantastischen Vier, Die (Panini, 3rd Series)Panini2005-2006
Fantasy (Editoriale Corno)Editoriale Corno1982-1983
Fantasy AdvertiserNeptune 
Fantasy Art of Calandra, TheSQP2012
Fantasy Art ShowcaseBurcham 
Fantasy BookFantasy Book1985
Fantasy BoundS.Q. Productions2014
Fantasy Collector, TheCamille Cazedessus 
Fantasy FeaturesAC1987
Fantasy FightersCPM2002
Fantasy Figure ShowcaseBrainstorm1998
Fantasy GirlsComax1990
Fantasy Hentai School GirlsProject H2015
Fantasy IllustratedNew Media1982
Fantasy LandADV Manga2004
Fantasy Masterpieces (UK Edition)Marvel1966-1967
Fantasy Masterpieces (Vol. 1)Marvel1966-1967
Fantasy Masterpieces (Vol. 2)Marvel1979-1981
Fantasy of the 20th Century: An Illustrated HistoryCollectors2001, 2004
Fantasy QuarterlyIndependent Publishing Syndicate1978
Fantasy SportsNobrow2016
Fantasy TheaterJ. Kevin Carrier1993-2004
FantaZone: Superstar Facts & PicsSterling1991
Fantomah Season 2Chapter House2018
Fantôme, Le (Aventures Américaines)Editions des Remparts 
Fantôme, Le: L’Intégrale (Soleil)Soleil1993-1995
FantometEgmont Ehapa1950-1963
Fantomet (2nd Series)Semic1991
Fantomet (3rd Series)Egmont Ehapa2003-2004
Fantomex MaxMarvel2013
Fanzing Presents: Job WantedFuzzball2003
Far ArdenTop Shelf2009
Far Beyond (Virgil Finlay’s…)Charles F. Miller 
Farewell, GeorgiaSlave Labor2003
Farewell, MoonshadowVertigo1997
Farewell to WeaponsEpic 
Far From SaintsSecond 2 Some2004
Fargo KidPrize 
Farlaine the GoblinStudio Farlaine2013
Farmer Ned’s Comics BarnFantagraphics2017
Farmer’s DaughterStanhall1954
Faro KorbitAP2003-2004
Far Out Fairy Tales: 5 Full-Color Graphic NovelsCapstone2016
Far Out Fairy Tales: Ninja RellaStone Arch2015
Far Out Fairy Tales: Red Riding Hood, SuperheroStone Arch2015
Far Out Fairy Tales: Snow White and the Seven RobotsStone Arch2015
Far Out Fairy Tales: Super Billy Goats GruffStone Arch2015
Farscape (2nd Series)Boom!2009-Present
Farscape: D’Argo’s LamentBoom!2009
Farscape: D’Argo’s QuestBoom!2009
Farscape: D’Argo’s TrialBoom!2009
Farscape: Gone and BackBoom!2009
Farscape: ScorpiusBoom!2010
Farscape: Strange DetractorsBoom!2009
Farscape: War TornWildStorm2002
Far Side, TheAndrews McMeel1982-1998
Farting Dead, ThePapercutz 
Fart Party, TheAtomic2007-2008
Fart WarsEntity1997
Far WestAntarctic1998-1999
Far West (Vol. 2)Antarctic2000
Far West: Badder MojoAntarctic2009
Far West: Bad MojoAntarctic2009
Far West Pocket MangaAntarctic2008
Fascinating: The Life of Leonard NimoyKnopf2016
Fashion BeastAvatar2012
Fashion in ActionEclipse1986
Fashion in Action (Renegade)Renegade Arts2018
Fashion KittyHyperion2005
Fashion Police, TheBryce Alan1997
Faster Than LightImage2015-2016
Fast FictionSeaboard1949-1950
Fast Food: Special OrderJ.C. Padilla 
Fast ForwardPiranha1992-1993
Fastlane IllustratedFastlane1994-1996
Fastner & Larson’s Beauties & BeastsSQP2010
Fastner & Larsons: Sexy DreamsSQPINC2016
Fast Willie JacksonFitzgerald1976-1977
Fatal BeautyIllustration1996
Fat AlbertGold Key1974-1979
Fatale (Image)Image2012
Fatale: Inherit The EarthBroadway1996
Fatal RendezvousHeavy Metal2001
Fat and SlatE.C.1947-1948
Fat and Slat Joke BookWilliam H. Wise1944
Fat Boy and HarveyAxiom2005
Fat ChunkSLG2008
Fat Dog MendozaDark Horse1992
Fate/Complete MaterialUdon2016
Fate of the Artist, The (Eddie Campbell…)First Second2006
Fate of the BladeDreamwave2002-2003
Fate’s FiveInnervision1996
Fate/stay NightTokyopop2008-Present
Fate ZeroDark Horse2015
Fat Freddy’s CatRip Off1977-1980, 1986, 1993
Fat Freddy’s Comics & StoriesRip Off1983, 1985
Fat Fury SpecialAvalon1998
Fat GuysFat Guys2001-2002
Father & SonKitchen Sink1995-1996, 1998
Father Gaetano’s Puppet CatechismSt. Martin's2012
Father RobotFossil Creek Productions2013
Father’s DayDark Horse2014-2015
Father Yod & The SourceBluewater2010
Fathom (1st Series)COMICO1987
Fathom (2nd Series)COMICO1992-1993
Fathom (3rd Series)Image1998-2002
Fathom (4th Series)Aspen2005-2006, 2008
Fathom (5th Series)Aspen2008-2010
Fathom (6th Series)Aspen2011
Fathom (7th Series)Aspen2013-2014
Fathom (Michael Turner’s…): Killian’s TideImage2001
Fathom (Michael Turner’s…): SourcebookAspen2014
Fathom (Michael Turner’s…): The Adventures of ErnieAspen2014
Fathom (Michael Turner’s…): The Elite SagaAspen2013
Fathom (Semic)Semic1999-2003
Fathom: BeginningsAspen2005
Fathom: Beginnings (Michael Turner’s…)Aspen2003
Fathom BlueAspen2015
Fathom: Blue DescentAspen2010-2012
Fathom: Cannon Hawke (Michael Turner’s…)Aspen2004
Fathom: Cannon Hawke: Beginnings (Michael Turner’s…)Aspen2003
Fathom Coloring BookAspen2016
Fathom Crossover Tour BookImage2002
Fathom: Dawn of War (Michael Turner’s…)Aspen2004
Fathom: Dawn of War/Cannon HawkeAspen2004
Fathom: Kiani (Michael Turner’s…)Aspen2007
Fathom: Kiani (Vol. 2)Aspen2012
Fathom Kiani (Vol. 3)Aspen2014
Fathom: Kiani (Vol. 4)Aspen2015
Fathom: Killian’s Vessel (Michael Turner’s…)Aspen2007
Fathom Prelude (Michael Turner’s…)Aspen2005
Fathom Preview SpecialImage1998
Fathom PrimerAspen2011
Fathom Swimsuit SpecialImage1999-2000
Fatima… Challenge to the WorldCatechetical Guild1951
Fatima: The Blood SpinnersDark Horse2012
Fat Lip FunniesRag Studios1969
Fatman, the Human Flying SaucerLightning1967
Fat MommaEsteem2007
Fat Ninja, TheSilverwolf1986
Fat Ninja (Greater Mercury)Greater Mercury1990-1991
Fatsquad, TheJetpack2009
Fat TarinoIdea + Design Works2011
Fatt Family, TheSide Show1991
Fatty Arbuckle and His Funny FriendsFantagraphics2004
Faultline ComixxFaultline 
FaunaThick as Thieves2005
Fauna Rebellion, TheFantagraphics1990
Fauntleroy ComicsArchie1950
Faust (Del Rey)Del Rey2008-Present
Faust (Northstar)Northstar1988-1990
Faust (Rebel)Rebel1992-1995, 2012
Faust 777: The WrathAvatar1998-1999
Faust—Claire’s LustAvatar2000
Faust—Singha’s TalonsAvatar2000
Faust: The Book of MAvatar1999
FavoleDark Horse2005, 2007-2008
Favolette SexyGeis1974
Fawcett Companion: The Best of FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America)TwoMorrows2001
Fawcett MiniaturesFawcett1946
Fawcett Movie ComicFawcett1949-1952
Fawcett’s Funny AnimalsFawcett1942-1956
Fax from SarajevoDark Horse1996
Faze One FazersAC1985-1986
Fazers Sketchbook (Vic Bridges’…)AC1986
F.B.I., TheDell1965
FBP: Federal Bureau of PhysicsVertigo2013-2014
FCBD 2015: Valiant 25th Anniversary SpecialValiant2015
FDNY Custom ComicMarvel2011
Fear (Brian Keene’s)Frequency2006
Fear (Magazine)Newsfield1989
Fear AgentImage2005-2014
Fear Agent: The Last GoodbyeDark Horse2007
Fear and LaughterKitchen Sink1977
Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas (Hunter S. Thompson’s…)Idea + Design Works2015-2016
Fear BookEclipse1986
Fear DiariesAlterna2018
Fear Effect: Retro HelixImage2002
Fear Effect SpecialImage2000
Fearful HunterNorthwest2014
Fear Is HellC&T 
Fear ItselfMarvel2011
Fear Itself (Panini)Panini2011-2012
Fear Itself: Black WidowMarvel2011
Fear Itself: Book of the SkullMarvel2011
Fear Itself: DeadpoolMarvel2011
Fear Itself: Deadpool/Fearsome FourMarvel2012
Fear Itself: Fearsome FourMarvel2011
Fear Itself: Fellowship of FearMarvel2011
Fear Itself: FFMarvel2011
Fear Itself Hors Série (Panini)Panini2012
Fear Itself: Hulk/DraculaMarvel2012
Fear Itself: Hulk vs. DraculaMarvel2011
Fear Itself: Monkey KingMarvel2011
Fear Itself Poster BookMarvel2011
Fear Itself: Sin’s PastMarvel2011
Fear Itself SketchbookMarvel2011
Fear Itself: Spider-ManMarvel2011
Fear Itself SpotlightMarvel2011
Fear Itself: The DeepMarvel2011
Fear Itself: The FearlessMarvel2011
Fear Itself: The Fearless (Panini)Panini2012
Fear Itself: The Home FrontMarvel2011
Fear Itself: The WorthyMarvel2011
Fear Itself: Uncanny X-ForceMarvel2011
Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force/The DeepMarvel2012
Fear Itself: WolverineMarvel2011
Fear Itself: Wolverine/New MutantsMarvel2012
Fear Itself: Youth In RevoltMarvel2011
Fearless DawnAsylum2009-2010
Fearless Dawn/Asylum Press SamplerAsylum2010
Fearless Dawn: Chibi FinaleAsylum2016
Fearless Dawn: Eye of the BeholderAsylum2014
Fearless Dawn: Hard TimesAsylum2014
Fearless Dawn: Helga’s StoryAtom Bomb2016
Fearless Dawn In Outer SpaceAsylum2013
Fearless Dawn: Jurassic Jungle Boogie NightsAsylum2013
Fearless Dawn: The Secret of the SwampAsylum2011
Fearless DefendersMarvel2013-Present
Fearless FosdickKitchen Sink1990
Fear, My Dear: A Billy Dogma ExperienceZ22014
Fear Nothing (Dean Koontz’s…)Dynamite2010
Fear of ComicsFantagraphics 
Fear of Flogging, TheB&D Pleasures1998
Fear the DeadBoom!2006
Feature BookDavid McKay1937-1949
Feature ComicsComic Favorites1939-1950
Feature FilmsDC1950
Feature FunniesQuality1937-1939
Feature MagazineFeature 
Feature PresentationFox1950
Febbre Del CuorePanini2007
Federal Men ComicsGerard1945
Federal Reserve Bank of New YorkFederal Reserve1997-2000
Feds ‘n’ HeadsPrint Mint1968, 1969, 1970, 1978
Feeble AttemptsTop Shelf2007
Feed America’s ChildrenWildcard2005
FeedersDark Horse1999
Feeding GroundArchaia2010
Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseur’s CookbookTitan2016
Feelgood FunniesRip Off1972, 1984
Feiffer: The Collected WorksFantagraphics 
Felch CumicsLast Gasp1975
Feldstein: The Mad Life and Fantastic Art of Al Feldstein!Idea + Design Works2014
Felicia Hardy: The Black CatMarvel1994
Felicia: Melari’s WishMU1995
Felix (Bastei)Bastei1958–1981
Felix and His FriendsToby1954
Felix Cat-A-Strophic Wrestling SpectacularFelix2000
Felix Girls, TheQuasimodo1998
Felix le ChatEditions Heritage1975
Felix’s Nephews Inky and DinkyHarvey1957-1958
Felix’s Summer SplashFelix2000
Felix’s Way-Out Cartoon Laff-a-PaloozaFelix2002
Felix the Cat (1st series)Harvey1955-1961
Felix the Cat (2nd series)Dell1962-1965
Felix the Cat (3rd Series)Harvey1991-1993
Felix the Cat (Pat Sullivan’s…)Toby1948-1953
Felix the Cat and FriendsFelix1994
Felix the Cat Big Book (Vol. 2)Harvey1992
Felix the Cat Black & WhiteFelix1997
Felix the Cat: Buy This ComicFelix2005
Felix the Cat Digest MagazineHarvey 
Felix the Cat Halloween SpectacularFelix2004
Felix the Cat House of 1000 Ha! Ha’s!Felix2003
Felix the Cat in True Crime StoriesFelix2000
Felix the Cat—Keeps on Walkin’Hamilton1991
Felix the Cat Presents… Totally Wacky NewsFelix2004
Felix the Cat’s Blockbuster BonanzaFelix2001
Felix the Cat’s Greatest HitsDark Horse2002
Felix the Cat Silly StoriesFelix2005
Felix The Cat’s Jurassic JamboreeFelix2001
Felix the Cat’s Magic Bag of TricksFelix2001
Felix the Cat’s TV ExtravaganzaFelix2002
Felix the Cat—Video WizardFelix1992
Felt: True Tales of Underground Hip HopImage2005
Fem 5Entity1996
Fem 5: Untold TalesEntity1996
Female FantasiesAdult1992
Female ForceBluewater2009
Female Force: Angelina JolieBluewater2011
Female Force: Anne RiceBluewater2010
Female Force: Arianna HuffingtonBluewater2011
Female Force: Ayn RandBluewater2011
Female Force Barbara WaltersBluewater2009
Female Force: Betty WhiteBluewater2010
Female Force: Carla Bruni-SarkozyBluewater2010
Female Force: Caroline KennedyBluewater2009
Female Force: Charlaine HarrisBluewater2010
Female Force: CherBluewater2011
Female Force: Condoleezza RiceBluewater2009
Female Force: Elizabeth WarrenStorm2016
Female Force: Ellen DegeneresBluewater2010
Female Force: Gabrielle GiffordsBluewater2012
Female Force: Hillary ClintonBluewater2009
Female Force: J.K. RowlingBluewater2009
Female Force: Kathy GriffinBluewater2011
Female Force: Laura IngrahamBluewater2011
Female Force: MadonnaBluewater2011
Female Force: Margaret ThatcherBluewater2010
Female Force: Martha StewartBluewater2011
Female Force: Meredith VieiraBluewater2010
Female Force: Michelle ObamaBluewater2009
Female Force: Mother TeresaBluewater2011
Female Force: Nancy PelosiBluewater 
Female Force: Olivia Newton JohnBluewater2010
Female Force: Oprah WinfreyBluewater2009
Female Force: Princess DianaBluewater2009
Female Force: Rosie O’DonnellBluewater2011
Female Force: Sarah PalinBluewater2009
Female Force: Sonia SotomayorBluewater2010
Female Force: Stephenie MeyerBluewater2009
Female Force: Tina FeyBluewater2011
Female Sex PiratesFriendly1992
Fem FantastiqueAC1988
Femforce: Claws of the She-CatAC2004
Femforce Features—GiantessAC2004
Femforce FrightbookAC1992
Femforce: In Living ColorAC2006
Femforce in the House of HorrorAC1989
Femforce: Night of the DemonAC1990
Femforce: Out of the Asylum SpecialAC1987
Femforce Pin Up PortfolioAC1988
Femforce: Rampaging She-CatAC2003
Femforce Special: Rayda the Cyberian ConnectionAC1999
Femforce TimelinesAC1995
Femforce: Time StormAC1997
Femforce: To Die ForAC2005
Femforce UncutAC 
Femforce Up CloseAC1992-1993
Femforce vs. The ClawAC2003
Femina and Fauna: The Art of Camilla d’ErricoDark Horse2011
Femina: Dream GirlsCaliber1992
Femina Two: More Dream GirlsCaliber1994
Femme FatalA&B 
Femme FataleApex1997
Femme Fatales (Frederick S. Clarke)Femme Fatales1992-2012
Femme Fatales (Vol. 8)Femme Fatales1999
Femme KabukiIroncat1998
Femme MacabreLondon Night1993
Femme NoireCat-Head1989
Femme Noir: The Dark City DiariesApe2008
Femmes en Blanc, LesDupuis1986
Femme Vamprique, LaBrainstorm1997
Femmine (Fantasie Di)B.D. Bodybook1996
Femosaur WorldEros1993
Feng Shui AcademyDr. Master2009
Fernseh AbenteuerTessloff1960-1964
Ferret (1st Series)Malibu1992
Ferret, The (2nd Series)Malibu1993-1994
Ferro CityImage2005
Festering RomanceOni2009
Festival ComixThru Black Holes Comix1984-1985
Fetch: An OdysseyCAE2017
Fetish (Boneyard)Boneyard1993
Fetish Fantasies (Alazar’s…)SQP2010
Fetish Grab BagProject H2014
Fetishisms Gone WildProject H2014
Fetishisms Gone WilderProject H2015
Fetishisms ImmoralProject H2013
Fetishisms: Sexy WivesProject H2014
Fetishisms VirginsProject H2014
Feuer und StahlKult Editionen1998-2002
Fever, The (Dark Visions)Dark Visions1995
Fever (Tokyopop)Tokyopop2008
Fever DreamsKitchen Sink1972
Fevered KissDigital Manga2009
Fever MoonDel Rey2012
Fever PitchJabberwocky Graphix 
Fever Pitch—The Hot Girls of Elias ChatzoudisSQP2012-2013
Fever Ridge: A Tale of Macarthur’s Jungle WarIdea + Design Works2013
Fevre DreamAvatar2010
Fevre Dream (George R.R. Martin’s…)Avatar2006
Few, TheImage2017
Few and Far BetweenJ.D. Thayer2001
FeynmanFirst Second2011
FF (2nd Series)Marvel2013-Present
FF: Fifty Fantastic YearsMarvel2011
FF/IM: Big in JapanMarvel2005–2006
F.I.! (Ashley Wood’s…)Idea + Design Works2010
Fiabe ColorateEdifumetto 
Fiabe ProibiteEdifumetto1973-1975
Fibres of the MindCreative Edge1985
FictionLady Luck1998
Fiction, The (Boom!)Boom!2015
Fiction ClemensApe2008
Fiction House From Pulps to PanelsIdea + Design Works2017
Fiction IllustratedPyramid1976
FictionsBrass Ring2002
Fiction SquadBoom!2014
Field Guide to Midwestern Monsters, AHylas2005
Field Guide to Ugly Americans, AComedy Central2010
Field on the Edge of the Woods, TheCloud 92011
Fiendish FablesBrain Scan2007
Fiends of the Eastern FrontRebellion2006
Fiends of the Eastern Front (novel)Rebellion2005-2007
FierceDark Horse2004–2005
Fiesta Texas: Park Map & Guide 2000DC2000
Fifth Beatle, The: The Brian Epstein StoryDark Horse2013
Fifth Force Featuring Hawk and Animal, TheAntarctic1999
Fifth Name, TheFantagraphics 
Fifties TerrorEternity1988-1989
Fifty Freakin’ Years of the Fabulous Furry Freak BrothersKnockabout2018
Fifty Who Made DC GreatDC1985
Fifty-Year Mission, The: The Complete, Uncensored, Unarthorized Oral History of Star TrekThomas Dunne2016
Fight Against CrimeStory1951-1954
Fight Against The GuiltyStory1954-1955
Fight Club 2Dark Horse2015
Fight ComicsFiction House1940-1954
Fight Comics (Fight)Fight2012
Fight For LoveUnited Features1952
Fight for TomorrowVertigo2002-2003
Fightin’ 5Charlton1964-1967, 1981-1982
Fightin’ Air ForceCharlton1956-1966
Fightin’ ArmyCharlton1956-1984
Fightin’ Army (Canadian Edition)Charlton1956-1984
Fighting American (Awesome)Awesome1997
Fighting American (Harvey)Harvey1966
Fighting American (Headline)Headline1954-1955
Fighting American (Marvel)Marvel1990
Fighting American (Mini-Series)DC1994
Fighting American (Titan)Titan2011
Fighting American (Titan, 2nd Series)Titan2017-2018
Fighting American: Dogs of WarAwesome1998
Fighting American: Limited Convention SpecialAwesome1998
Fighting American: Rules of the GameAwesome1997-1998
Fighting American Special Comicon EditionAwesome1997
Fighting American: The Ties That BindTitan2018
Fighting Daniel BooneAvon1953
Fighting Davy CrockettAvon1955
Fighting Fem ClassicsForbidden Fruit 
Fighting FemsForbidden Fruit 
Fighting FrontsHarvey1952-1953
Fighting! GuidanceInfinity2005
Fighting Hero ComicsS.F.C.A.1962–1965
Fighting Indians of the Wild WestAvon1952
Fighting LeathernecksToby1952
Fighting Man, TheAjax1952-1953
Fighting Prince of Donegal, TheDell 
Fighting Undersea CommandosAvon1952-1953
Fighting War StoriesStory1952-1953
Fighting YankNedor1942-1949
Fighting Yank (AC)AC2002
Fighting Yank & the Sentinels of AmericaAC2003
Fightin’ MarinesCharlton1951-1984
Fightin’ NavyCharlton1956-1966, 1983-1984
Fightin’ TexanSt. John1952
Fight Like A GirlAction Lab2015
Fight ManMarvel1993
Fight or Run: Shadow of the ChopperBuenaventura2008
Fight the EnemyTower1966-1967
Figlio di un Preservativo BucatoMagic2001
Figments UnlimitedGraphik1984
Figure 17ADV Manga2004
Filbert Factor, TheAmerican Mythology2018
Files Magazine Focus on… Doc Savage: An American OriginalPop Cult1987
Files of Ms. Tree, TheRenegade1984-1985
Filibusting ComicsFantagraphics1995
Filipino FoodOlympia1972
FillerAiT/Planet Lar2005
FillerbunnySlave Labor2005
Film FunAmalgamated1920-1962
Film Fun (Film Fun)Film Fun Publishing1934
Film FunniesMarvel1949-1950
Film Stars RomancesStar Publications1950
Filo Rosso, Il (Panini Italy)Panini2015
Fils de Satan, Le (Comics Pocket)Arédit 
Filth, TheVertigo2002-2003
Filth (Eros)Eros 
Filthy AnimalsRadio Comix1997-1998
Filthy HabitsAeon1996-1997
Filthy Habits (Stigmata)Stigmata2002
Filthy RichVertigo2009
Fimbles MagazineBBC2002-Present
Final CountdownBlue Line1994
Final CrisisDC2008–2010
Final Crisis Aftermath: DanceDC2009–2010
Final Crisis Aftermath: EscapeDC2009
Final Crisis Aftermath: InkDC2009
Final Crisis Aftermath: Run!DC2009–2010
Final Crisis CompanionDC2009
Final Crisis: Legion of Three WorldsDC2008-2009
Final Crisis: Rage of the Red LanternsDC2008
Final Crisis: RequiemDC2008
Final Crisis: ResistDC2008
Final Crisis: RevelationsDC2008
Final Crisis: Rogues’ RevengeDC2008
Final Crisis: Secret FilesDC2009
Final Crisis SketchbookDC2008
Final Crisis: SubmitDC2008
Final Crisis: Superman BeyondDC2008
Final Cycle, TheDragon’s Teeth1987
Final Destination: SacrificeZenescope2006
Final Destination Spring BreakZenescope2006–2007
Final Fantasy Type-0Yen2015-Present
Final Fantasy Ultimania ArchiveDark Horse2018
Final Flight, ThePaquet2007
Final GirlAntarctic2007
Final IncalHumanoids2014
Final Man, TheC&T 
Final Night, TheDC1996-1997
Final PlagueDanger Zone2013
Final TabooAircel1991
Fin del Mañana, ElECC2014-Present
Finder (2nd Series)Dark Horse2010-2011
Finder (Digital Manga)Digital Manga2010-2012
Finder Deluxe EditionSublime2017
Finder FootnotesLightspeed 
Finder: Third WorldDark Horse2014
Finding Dory (Disney/Pixar’s…)Joe Books2016
Finding Dory Movie Comic (Disney-Pixar)Joe2016
Finding Dory: The Essential GuideDK2016
Finding Frank and His FriendCurio and Co.2011
Finding GossamyrTh3rd World2012
Finding Nemo (Tokyopop)Tokyopop2016
Finding Nemo Cine-MangaTokyopop2003
Finding Nemo Cinestory (Disney/Pixar’s…)Joe Books2016
Finding Nemo: Losing DoryBoom!2010
Finding Nemo Movie Comic (Disney-Pixar)Joe2016
Finding Nemo: Reef RescueBoom!2009
Finding PeaceIdea + Design Works2008
Fine and Private Place, AIdea + Design Works2012
Fine Mess, AAlternative2004
Fin Fang Four Return!Marvel2009
FingerprintsTop Shelf2010
Finieous Treasury, TheTSR 
FinkElders of Zion2002
Fink Angel: LegacyRebellion2016
Fink, Inc.Fink, Inc. 
FinnFleetway Quality1993
Finn Family MoomintrollSquare Fish2010
Fiore Millenario, Il (Panini Italy)Panini2014
Fiori del Male, I (Panini Italy)Panini2013
FireCaliber1994, 1999, 2001
Fire and BrimstoneAntarctic2008–2009
Fire and FuryAndromeda1994
Fire and SteelAvalon2001
Fire and Water: Bill Everett, The Sub-Mariner, and the Birth of Marvel ComicsFantagraphics2010
Fireblast, Adventures in the 30th CenturyMasterpiece2006
FirebreatherImage2003, 2010
Firebreather (2nd Series)Image2008–2010
Firebreather (Vol. 3)Image2010
Firebreather SketchbookImage2004
Firebreather: The Iron SaintImage2005
Firebreather vs. Dragon PrinceImage2010
Firedrakes Preview BookIndependragon2004
Firefighter! Daigo of Fire Company MViz2003-2005
Firefly (1st Series)Amalgamated1914-1915
Firefly (2nd Series)Amalgamated1915-1917
Firefly: Still FlyingTitan2010
Fire ForceKodansha2016
Fire Force (Panini Italy)Panini2017
Fire from HeavenImage1996
FirehairFiction House1948-1952
Fire Investigator NanaseCMX2009
Fire Proves IronPage Malbrough2004
Fire PunchViz2018
Fire SaleRip Off1989
Fires of AskellSoleil1993
Fires of Pele, ThePictorial Legends1986
FirestarMarvel1986, 2006
Firestar (2nd Series)Marvel2010
FirestormDC1978, 2011
Firestorm (2nd Series)DC2004–2007
Firestorm, the Nuclear ManDC1987-1990
FIrestorm: The Nuclear Man—United We FallDC2016
Fire TeamAircel1990-1991
First, TheCrossGen2000-2003
First, The (Semic)Semic2001
First AdventuresFirst1985-1986
First BornImage2007
First Born: AftermathImage2008
First Born First LookImage2007
First Cowboy ComixAndor1984
First Edition, TheFirst1988
First FamilyDynamite2010
First Family: The ClintonsBluewater2010
First Family The ObamasBluewater2009
First FlightFlight1975
First Graphic NovelFirst1984-1987
First In SpaceOni2007
First Issue SpecialDC1975-1976
First King Adventure, TheADV Manga2005
First KingdomTitan2013
First Kingdom, TheComics and Comix1974-1986, 2005–2006
First Kingdom (Titan)Titan2013
First KissCharlton1957-1965
First Law of Mad ScienceNoreon 
First Love IllustratedHarvey1949-1962
First Love Limited (Panini Italy)Panini2009
First Love MonsterYen2016
First ManImage1997
First Men In The MoonK.K.1964
First MoonAiT/Planet Lar2006
First Moon Landing, TheCapstone2007
First President of Japan, theGutsoon2003
First Romance MagazineHarvey1949-1958
First Six PackFirst1987
First StrikeIdea + Design Works2017
First TimeNBM2009
First Trip to the MoonAvalon1996
First WaveAndromeda2000-2001
First Wave (DC)DC2010-2011
First WorldDragon Candy2002
First World (First World)First World2014
First World: The War of SoulsRed Anvil2016
First X-MenMarvel2012
First Year HealthyDrawn and Quarterly2014
Fir Tree, TheIt Books2009
FishKim-Rehr Productions2004
Fish (Nobrow)Nobrow2014
Fish EyeScout2016-2017
Fish GirlClarion2017
Fishing Fun Is Just Around the CornerNY State Dept. of Environmental Conservation1980, 1991
FishmastersSlave Labor1994
Fish N’ ChipsCartoon Books2010
Fish N Chips (Vigil)Vigil2002
Fishnet AngelShooting Star2004-2005
Fish Police (Marvel)Marvel1992-1993
Fish Police (Vol. 1)Fishwrap1985-1987
Fish Police, The (Vol. 2)COMICO1987-1990
Fish ShticksApple1992-1993
FishtownIdea + Design Works2008
Fission ChickenFantagraphics1990
Fission Chicken: Plan Nine from VortoxMU1994
Fista KuffsRich Schleifer2005
Fistfull of BloodHeavy Metal 
Fistful Of BloodIdea + Design Works2015
Fistful of Rebuttals, AHomemade Graphics1996
Fist of God, TheEternity1988
Fist of JusticeDigital Webbing2008-2009
Fist of OgunStrumhaus2002
Fist of the DragonDragon1997
Fist of the North StarViz1989,1995
Fist of the North Star Part 2Viz 
Fist of the North Star Part 3Viz1996, 1999
Fist of the North Star Part 4Viz1996-1998
Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of ViolenceBeacon2010
Five Cent Wide Awake LibraryFrank Tousey1878-1896
Five Color ComicsArt of Fiction2008, 2011
Five Decades of the X-MeniBooks2002-2003
Five Fists of Science, TheImage2006
Five GhostsImage2013-2015
Five Little ComicsScott McCloud1995
Five-Score Comic MonthlyColour1958-1965
Five Star ComicsFive Star2011-Present
Five Star Comics (Young’s)Young's1949-1950
Five Star Stories, TheToypress2003
Five WeaponsImage2013–2014
Five Years of PainBoneyard1997
FixBrave New Words1990
Fix, TheImage2016-2018
Fix (Arcana)Arcana2012
Fix, The (Tony DiGerolamo’s…)South Jersey Rebellion2001
Fixer and Other Stories, TheDrawn and Quarterly2009
Fix und Foxi (1st Series)Kauka1953-1994
Fix und Foxi TaschenbuchGevacur1969-1986
Fix y FoxiEditorial Novaro1963
Flag FightersIroncat1997
Flag FreedomPress This1995
Flak: A Universal History of Chewing GumFlak2003
Flak RiotImage2005
FlamboEditions Lug1959-1962
FlamboyantDigital Manga2008
Flame, The (Ajax)Ajax1955
Flamed-Out FunniesRip Off1976
Flame of ReccaViz2003-Present
Flames of DamnationBlack Library2005
Flames of Gyro, TheFantagraphics 
Flame TwistersBrown Study1994-1995
Flaming Carrot (Killian)Killian1981
Flaming Carrot ComicsDark Horse1984-1994, 1997-1998, 2002
Flaming Carrot Comics (Image)Image2004-2005
Flaming Carrot StoriesDark Horse1994
Flaming LoveQuality1949-1950
FlamingoA List1998
Flaming PopesTempest1993
Flaming Western RomancesStar Publications1950
Flare (2nd Series)Hero1990-1994
Flare (3rd Series)Hero2004-2006
Flare AdventuresHero1992-1994, 2005-2009
Flare First EditionHero1992-1993
Flash, The (1st Series)DC1959-1985, 2001
Flash (2nd Series)DC1987-2009
Flash (2nd Series, Canadian Edition)DC1987–1988
Flash, The (3rd Series)DC2010-2012
Flash, The (4th Series)DC2011–2016
Flash, The (5th Series)DC2016-Present
Flash (Anubis)Anubis2016
Flash (Arédit)Arédit 
Flash (Cenisio)Cenisio Editrice1978-1980
Flash (De Flits)De Flits1969-1974
Flash (Dino)Dino1999
Flash (Editorial Televisa)Editorial Televisa2012-Present
Flash, The (Federal)Federal1983
Flash (Gotham)Gotham2001
Flash (Les Editions Heritage)Les Editions Heritage 
Flash, The (Planet Comics)K.G. Murray 
Flash, The (Post Cereal)DC1981
Flash, The (Thorpe & Porter)Thorpe & Porter1962
Flash (Urban)Urban2015
Flash (Williams)Williams1972
Flash (Zinco)Zinco1983-1985
Flash, The: A Celebration of 75 YearsDC2015
Flash Album (Colour)Colour1965
Flash, The: An Adult Coloring BookDC2016
Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave and the BoldDC1999-2000
Flash Archives, TheDC1996-2003
Flashback MagazinePentagram1972
Flash BangIcarus2007
Flash By Geoff Johns, TheDC2016
Flash By Grant Morrison And Mark Millar, TheDC2016
Flash by Manapul and Buccellato Omnibus, TheDC2016
Flash by Mark Waid, TheDC2016
Flash Chronicles, TheDC2009
Flash ComicsDC1940-1949
Flash Comics (Fawcett)Fawcett1940
Flash Comics (Wheaties)DC1946
Flash Companion, TheTwoMorrows2008
Flashed Sudden Stories in Comics and ProseAlternative2016
Flash, The: Futures EndDC2014
Flash Gordon (Alex Raymond’s…)Checker2004-2005
Flash Gordon (Ardden)Ardden2008
Flash Gordon (Bianconi)Edizioni Bianconi1981-1982
Flash Gordon (Budget Books)Budget1987-1988
Flash Gordon (DC)DC1988
Flash Gordon (Dell)Dell1953
Flash Gordon (Dynamite)Dynamite2014
Flash Gordon (Gold Key one-shot)Gold Key1965
Flash Gordon (J’ai Lu)J’ai Lu 
Flash Gordon (King/Charlton/Gold Key/Whitman)King1966-1969, 1978-1982
Flash Gordon (Kitchen Sink)Kitchen Sink1990-1993
Flash Gordon (Mac Raboy’s…)Dark Horse2003
Flash Gordon (Marvel)Marvel1995
Flash Gordon (Serie Águila)Editorial Novaro1981-1982
Flash Gordon: A Lifelong Vision of the Heroic (Al Williamson’s…)Flesk2009
Flash Gordon and Jungle JimIdea + Design Works2011-Present
Flash Gordon Comic-Book ArchivesDark Horse2010-2011
Flash Gordon ComicsHarvey1950-1951
Flash Gordon Dailies: Dan BarryTitan2016
Flash Gordon, The Daily StripsKitchen Sink1992
Flash Gordon: Invasion of the Red SwordArdden2010
Flash Gordon: Kings CrossDynamite2016-2017
Flash Gordon: The MovieGolden Press1980
Flash Gordon: The Secret History of MongoArdden2009
Flash Gordon: The Vengeance of MingArdden2011
Flash Gordon: ZeitgeistDynamite2011
Flash/Green Lantern: Faster FriendsDC2001
Flash, The: Iron HeightsDC2001
Flash MagazineFlash1978
Flash Omnibus By Geoff JohnsDC2011
Flash: Our Worlds at WarDC2001
Flash PlusDC1997
Flashpoint (2nd Series)DC2011
Flashpoint (Urban)Urban2012
Flashpoint: Abin Sur—The Green LanternDC2011
Flashpoint: Batman Knight of VengeanceDC2011
Flashpoint: Citizen ColdDC2011
Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying GraysonsDC2011
Flashpoint: Deathstroke & the Curse of the RavagerDC2011
Flashpoint: Emperor AquamanDC2011
Flashpoint: Frankenstein & the Creatures of the UnknownDC2011
Flashpoint: Green Arrow IndustriesDC2011
Flashpoint: Grodd of WarDC2011
Flashpoint: Hal JordanDC2011
Flashpoint: Kid Flash LostDC2011
Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the ResistanceDC2011
Flashpoint: Project SupermanDC2011
Flashpoint: Reverse-FlashDC2011
Flashpoint: Secret SevenDC2011
Flashpoint: The Canterbury CricketDC2011
Flashpoint: The Legion of DoomDC2011
Flashpoint: The OutsiderDC2011
Flashpoint: The World of FlashpointDC2011
Flashpoint UnwrappedDC2018
Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the FuriesDC2011
Flash, The: RebirthDC2009
Flash: Rebirth (2nd Series)DC2016
Flash, The: Season ZeroDC2014-2015
Flash Secret Files, TheDC1997-2001
Flash Secret Files And OriginsDC2010
Flash: The Fastest Man AliveDC2006-2007
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive: Full ThrottleDC2007
Flash: The Greatest Stories Ever ToldDC2007
Flash, The: The Haunting of Barry AllenTitan2016
Flash, The: The Silver AgeDC2016
Flash, The: The Silver Age OmnibusDC2014
Flash, The: Time FliesDC2002
Flash Trois-Dans-Un (Les Editions Heritage)Les Editions Heritage1981
Flash Unwrapped by Francis ManapulDC2017
Flatbush NativeFlatline1993, 1994
Flat Earth/ExchangeCMX2008
Flatline ComicsFlatline1995
Flatline Comics Presents…Flatline1993
Flat TopHarvey1953-1955
FlaxenDark Horse 
Flaxen: Alter EgoCaliber1995
Flayed Corpse and Other StoriesFantagraphics2018
Flea, TheDestiny1997
Fléau, LeDelcourt2010-2013
Flecha VelozLa Prensa SCL1954-1968
FleepSpark Plug2002
Fleetway Super Library Fantastic/Stupendous SeriesFleetway Quality1967-1968
Fleetway Super Library Front Line SeriesFleetway Quality1967-1968
Fleetway Super Library Secret Agent SeriesFleetway Quality1967-1968
FleshFleetway Quality1993
Flesh (Jabberwocky)Jabberwocky1986
Flesh & BloodBrainstorm1995-1996
Flesh and Blood (2nd Series)Monsterverse2011
Flesh & Blood: Love & HateBlindwolf1998
Flesh & Blood: Pre-Existing ConditionsBlindwolf1996
Flesh and BonesFantagraphics1986
Flesh & MetalNBM2005
Flesh & SteelCaliber2017
Flesh & Steel: The Art of Russ HeathIdea + Design Works2014
Flesh-Colored HorrorComicsOne2001
Flesh CrawlersKitchen Sink1993-1995
Flesh for the BeastMedia Blaster2003-2004
Flesh GordonAircel1992
Flesh of WhiteInverse2013-2014
Flesh of White (Cosmic)Cosmic Times2016
Fleshrot: Tales From the DeadFrightworld2004
Flesh WoundsDiva1994
Flesk PrimeFlesk2011
Flex MentalloVertigo1996
Flexor Amalgam, TheDruid Fluid2016
Flickering FleshBoneyard1993
Flicker’s FleasFifth Wheel1996
Flight of Angels, AVertigo2011
Flight of the Living DeadScott Ewen2012
Flight of the RavenIdea + Design Works2017
Flight PrimerImage2005
Flights of Fantasy (Brandon Peterson’s…)Art-Bot2006
FlinchVertigo1999–2001, 2015–2016
Flinch (Gestalt)Gestalt2009
Flint Armbuster Jr. SpecialAlchemy 
Flintstone Kids, TheMarvel1987-1989
Flintstones, The (Archie)Archie1995-1997
Flintstones, The (Charlton)Charlton1970-1977
Flintstones, The (DC)DC2016-2017
Flintstones, The (Dell/Gold Key)Dell1961-1970
Flintstones, The (Harvey)Harvey1992-1994
Flintstones, The (Marvel)Marvel1977-1979
Flintstones 3-DBlackthorne1987
Flintstones and the Jetsons, TheDC1997-1999
Flintstones Annual, TheBrown Watson1976
Flintstones at the New York World’s FairDell1964
Flintstones Big Book, TheHarvey1992
Flintstones Bigger and BoulderGold Key1962, 1966
Flintstones Doublevision, TheHarvey1994
Flintstones en Andere VerhalenDe Geillustreerde Pers1963-1971
Flintstones Giant SizeHarvey1992-1993
Flintstones with Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, TheGold Key1965
FlipperGold Key1966-1967
Flippity and FlopDC1951-1960
Flirt: Sensual, Wild & Sexy Pin-Ups!FAB2001
Flirt! The Art of NaughtySQP2002, 2005
FloatYi Magination1999-2000
FloatersDark Horse1993-1994
Flock of DreamersKitchen Sink1997
Flood!Dark Horse2002
Floodgate CompanionAlternative2016
Flood ReliefMalibu1994
Floundering TimeSlave Labor2012
Flower and FadeNBM2007
Flower In StormViz2010
Flower of LifeDigital Manga2007-Present
Flower of the Deep SleepTokyopop2005
FlowersDrawn and Quarterly1995
Flowers and BeesViz2003-2005
Flowers of EvilRandom House2012
Flowers on the RazorwireBoneyard1994-1996
Floyd Farland: Citizen of the FutureEclipse1987
Fluffy Fluffy CinnamorollViz2012
Fluffy Strikes BackKids Can2016
Fluorescent BlackHeavy Metal2010
FlutterDigital Manga2012
Flutter (215 Ink)215 Ink2015
Fly, The (Archie)Archie1983-1984
Fly, The (Impact)Impact1991–1992
Fly (Zenescope)Zenescope2011
Fly: A True Story Completely Made UpUnder Cover Fish2009
Flyboys (Avalon)Avalon 
Fly BoysBbw1999
Fly Chronicles, TheActive Images2005
Flying AcesKey1955-1956
Flying A’s Range RiderDell1953-1958
Flying CadetFlaying Cadet1943-1944
Flying Colors 10th Anniversary SpecialFlying Colors1998
Flying Colors 20th Anniversary SpecialFlying Colors2008
Flying Couch: A Graphic MemoirBlack Balloon2016
Flying FortressFlying Fortress2011
Flying Friar, TheSpeakeasy2005
Flying ModelsHealth1954
Flying NunDell1968
Flying Saucer AttackJerome Gaynor1995
Flying Saucers (Avon)Avon1950, 1953
Flying Saucers (Dell)Dell1967-1969
Flying Saucers vs the EarthBluewater2008
Flying Sparks: Hannah’s StoryBack Row2011
Flying StartsCassandra2006
Flying WitchVertical2018
Flying Wombat WomanEros1993
Flyin’ JennyPentagon1946
Flyin’ Jenny (Arcadia)Arcadia1987
Fly In My Eye ExposedEclipse1992
Fly ManRadio1965-1966
Fly, The: OutbreakIdea + Design Works2015
Fly: The FallZenescope2012-2013
Focus (Draculina)Draculina1994
Focus OnSelbee1963
Focus On… 30 Days of NightIdea + Design Works2007
Focus On: Decepticons!Idea + Design Works2008
Focus on George PerezFantagraphics1985
Focus on Jack ColeFantagraphics1986
Focus on John ByrneFantagraphics1984
Focus On…Star TrekIdea + Design Works2007
Fog, TheDark Horse2005
Fog City ComicsStampart1977-1979
Fogel’s Underground Comix Price GuideHippy2006, 2010, 2015
Foggy NotionsAlternative2017
Fog Mound, TheSimon & Schuster2006, 2007
FoiledFirst Second2010
Fokke & SukkeDe Harmonie2005-2006
Following CerebusWin-Mill2004-2007, 2011
Follow the SunDell1962
Fond MemoriesGlamourcon 
Food and the LandSoil & Water1976
Foodang (2nd Series)August House1995
Foodang (3rd Series)Entity1996
Food ComixEducomics1980
Food First ComicsIFDP1982
Food Wars!: Shokugeki no SomaViz2014-2016
Fool, TheMythic 
FoolKiller (2nd Series)Marvel2007-2008
Foolkiller (3rd Series)Marvel2016-2017
Foolkiller: White AngelsMarvel2008-2009
FOOM MagazineMarvel1973-1977
FOOM Magazine (2nd Series)Marvel2017
Football Comic, TheL. Miller & Son1953
Football HeroesPersonality1992
Football Picture Story MonthlyD.C. Thomson 
Football ThrillsZiff-Davis1951-1952
Footman15: Fairy FireBald Guy Studios2002
Footman15: TherapyBald Guy Studios2004
Footnotes in GazaMetropolitan2009
Footprints215 Ink2012
Footprints: Bad Luck Charm215 Ink 
Footrot FlatsOrin1975-1994
Foot Soldiers, TheDark Horse1996
Foot Soldiers (Vol. 2)Image1997-1998
Foot Soldiers (Vol. 3)AiT/Planet Lar2001
Foozle, TheEclipse1985
For a Few Troubles MoreFleetway Quality1990
ForagerPaper Films2013
Forager (Jet City)Jet City 
For a Night of LoveAvon1951
For Best Results: Do Not OpenMeathaus2004
For Better or For Worse: The Complete LibraryIdea + Design Works2017
For Better or Worse Treasury: It’s One Thing After AnotherAndrews McMeel2014
Forbidden 3-D3-D Zone 
Forbidden AngelsAngel1997
Forbidden Book, TheRenaissance2003
Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread DesireDark Horse2017
Forbidden ColorsProject H2016
Forbidden DanceTokyopop2003-2004
Forbidden FrankensteinEros1991
Forbidden JungleNaked City 
Forbidden Kingdom, TheEastern1987-1988
Forbidden KnowledgeLast Gasp1975, 1978
Forbidden Knowledge: Adventure Beyond the Doorway to Souls with Radical DreamerMark’s Giant Economy Size 
Forbidden LoveQuality1950
Forbidden PlanetInnovation1992-1993
Forbidden ScrolleryYen2018
Forbidden Sex TalesAngel1997
Forbidden SubjectsAngel1997
Forbidden Subjects: Candy KissesAngel1997
Forbidden Subjects: Forbidden FleshAdam Post1998
Forbidden Subjects: Young WomenAngel1997
Forbidden Tales of Dark MansionDC1972-1974
Forbidden VampireAngel1997
Forbidden Vampire TalesAngel 
Forbidden WorldsACG1951-1967
Forbidden Worlds (A+)A+1991
Forbidden Worlds (Avalon)Avalon 
Forbidden Worlds (PS Artbooks)PS Artbooks2012
Forbidden Worlds ArchivesDark Horse2012
Forbidden X AngelAngel1997
Forbidden ZoneGalaxy Entertainment1999
F.O.R.C.E. (Action Lab)Action Lab2017-2018
Force 10Crow1995
Force 51Dakuwaka2006
Force Majeure: Prairie BayLittle Rocket2002
Force of Buddha’s Palm, TheJademan1989-1993
Force SevenLone Star1999-2002
Forces in CombatMarvel UK1980-1981
Force WorksMarvel1994-1996
Foreign IntriguesCharlton1956
Foreign Love Affair, A8012008
Foreign MatterMartin John & German Ponce2012
Forensic Files of Batman, TheiBooks2004-2005
Foreskin ManMGMbill2010
Forest King, TheKomikwerks2006
Forever AmberImage1999
Forever & 40 Days—The Genesis of PhantaceaPhantacea1990
Forever and a DayRhinocerotic1995
Forever EveShadow Song1997
Forever EvilDC2013-2014
Forever Evil (Urban)Urban2014
Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman vs. BaneDC2014
Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S.DC2013-2014
Forever Evil: Arkham WarDC2013-2014
Forever Evil: BlightDC2014
Forever Evil: Rogues RebellionDC2013
Forever FreeTitan2018
Forever MaelstromDC2003
Forever Maps, TheMichael Lagace 
Forever My BabyBluewater2011
Forever NowEntertainment 
Forever People, TheDC1971-1972
Forever People (Mini-Series)DC1988
Forever Realms, TheAmryl2003
Forevers, TheBlack Mask2016-2017
Forever WarTitan2017
Forever War, TheNBM1989
Forever War, The (Titan)Titan2017
Forever WarriorsCFD1997
Forget About LoveTokyopop2008
Forget Me NotKodansha2016
Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral TaleW.W. Norton2010
Forging the Past: Seth and the Art of MemoryUniversity Press of Mississippi2016
Forgive Me FatherHigh Impact2004
Forgive Me Father (2nd Series)Creature2007, 2016
ForgottenHeavy Metal2008
Forgotten, TheFintan2003
Forgotten 22Studio 4072011
Forgotten Forest of Oz Treasury Edition, TheIdea + Design Works2012
Forgotten Planet, TheHeavy Metal2001
Forgotten Realms (DC)DC1989-1991
Forgotten Realms Comic BookDevil’s Due2005
Forgotten Realms: ExileDevil’s Due2005-2006
Forgotten Realms: LegacyDevil’s Due2008
Forgotten Realms: SojournDevil’s Due2006
Forgotten Realms: Starless NightDevil’s Due2008
Forgotten Realms: Streams of SilverDevil’s Due2007
Forgotten Realms: The Crystal ShardDevil’s Due2006-2007
Forgotten Realms: The Forbidden Sands of AnaurochTwenty First Century2000
Forgotten Realms: The Grand TourTSR1996
Forgotten Realms: The Halfling’s GemDevil’s Due2007-2008
Forgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt OmnibusDevil’s Due2008
For Laughing Out LoudDell1959
For LifeSilent Devil2007
Forlorn FunniesAbsence of Ink2002-2003
Forlorn Funnies (Fantagraphics)Fantagraphics2017
For Lovers OnlyCharlton1971-1976
Formerly Known as the Justice LeagueDC2003-2004
Formic Wars: Burning EarthMarvel2011
Formic Wars: Silent StrikeMarvel2012
Formidables, TheRed Anvil2017
For Monsters OnlyMajor1968-1969
Fortezza dell’apocalisse, LaPanini2015
For The Love of EsmeraldaLast Gasp2002
Fort: Prophet of the UnexplainedDark Horse2002
Fortress PresentsFortress2005
Fortune and GloryOni1999-2000
Fortune’s Fool, The Story of JinxerCranium1999
Fortune’s Friends: Hell WeekStarblaze 
Forty Coffins One ShotSpace Goat Productions2015
Forty WinksOddjobs1997-1998
Forty Winks/Buzzboy Super SpecialPeregrine2000
Forty Winks Christmas SpecialPeregrine1998
Forty Winks: Mr. HorriblePeregrine2000
Forty Winks Super Special Edition: TV Party Tonite!Peregrine1999
Forty Winks: The Fabled Pirate Queen of the South China SeaPeregrine1999
Forty Year Old Hippie, TheRip Off1978-1979
For What It’s Worth…J.T. Garrett & Associates2006
Forza Joe!Edizioni Bianconi1969-1972
Fossils of Beautiful SoulsKingpin2016
FosterDog Year2012
Foster AnthologyDog Year2012
Foster BroussardRed 52011
FotofixActus Tragicus1996
Foton Effect, TheAced1986
Foul!Traitors Gait1998
Foul Play: The Art and Artists of the Notorious 1950s E.C. Comics!HarperCollins2005
Foundation 9 PresentsFoundation 92006
Founding Fathers FunniesDark Horse2016
Fountain, TheDC2005
Four Cases of MurderEternity 
Four Color Comics (1st Series)Dell1939-1942
Four Color Comics (2nd Series)Dell1941-1962
Four Color Fear: Forgotten Horror Comics of the 1950sFantagraphics2010
Four-Color MagazineParagon1986
Four Constables, TheComicsOne2004
Four Constables, The: Secret of the Delirium DaggerDr. Master2008-Present
Four Eyed PrinceDel Rey2010
Four EyesImage2008–2010
Four Eyes: Hearts Of FireImage2016
Four FavoritesAce1941-1947
Four-Fisted TalesComics Consortium1982
Four Frightened WomenPure Imagination2009
Four HorsemenVertigo2000
Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseHeavy Metal2012
Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (2nd Series)Titan2014
Four Kunoichi, The: BloodlustLightning1996
Four Kunoichi: Enter the SinjaLightning1997
Four Letter WorldsImage2005
Four Norsemen Of The Apocalypse, TheDevil’s Due2016
Four Points, TheAspen2015-2016
Four SistersIdea + Design Works2018
Four Sketchbooks and a Table of Useful InformationApex Novelties1973
Four-Star Battle TalesDC1973
Four Star SpectacularDC1976-1977
Four Star Spectacular (Murray)Murray 
Four TeenersA.A. Wyn1948
Fourth Horseman, The (Jeffrey Nodelman’s…)Fangoria2007
Fourth Planet, TheChapter House2016-2017
Fourth Power, TheHumanoids2005
Fourth World (Jack Kirby’s…)DC1997-1998
Fourth World by Jack Kirby Omnibus, TheDC2017
Fourth World Gallery, TheDC1996
Fourth World Omnibus (Jack Kirby’s…)DC2007
Four WomenHomage2001–2002
Fowl Language: I Used To Be Cool and Do Cool ThingsAndrews McMeel2016
Fox, TheArchie2013-2014
Fox, The (2nd Series)Archie2015
Fox (Edifumetto)Edifumetto 
Fox and the CrowDC1951-1968
Fox And The Hound, TheWhitman1981
Fox And The Hound, The (Golden)Golden Books1981
Fox Bunny FunnyTop Shelf2007
Fox ComicsFantagraphics 
Fox Comics (Vodicka)David Vodicka 
Fox Comics Legends SeriesFantagraphics1992
Foxes & GrapesRichard de Wyfin1997-1999
Foxfire (Malibu)Malibu1996
Foxfire (Night Wynd)Night Wynd 
Fox GiantsFox Features1949, 1950
Foxhole (Mainline)Mainline1954-1956
Foxhole (Super)Super1963
Foxie (Arédit-Artima)Arédit-Artima1956-1982
Fox Kids FunhouseAcclaim1997
Foxomoron 2007 Comic Collection CraptacularKansas City Star2007
FoxTrotAndrews McMeel2001-Present
Foxtrot Kids EditionAmp 
Foxwood Falcons, TheAfter Hours2007
FoxxxiesSin Factory2006
Foxy Fagan ComicsDearfield1946-1948, 1999
Foxy LadyTokyopop2008, 2010
Foxy Lady (Moonstone)Moonstone2016
F.P. SteamcraftAntarctic2016
Fractal SpectrumFractal Spectrum 
FractionDC2004, 2011
FractureAction Lab2011
Fracture (Vol. 2)Action Lab2013-2014
Fractured FablesSilverline2010
Fractured Fairy TalesGold Key1962
Fractured KissesMoonation2003
Fractured Mind, ARed 52018
Fraggle RockArchaia2010
Fraggle Rock (Boom!)Boom!2018
Fraggle Rock (Jim Henson’s…): Journey to the EverspringArchaia2014-2015
Fraggle Rock (Marvel)Marvel1988
Fraggle Rock (Star)Star1985-1986
Fraggle Rock (Vol. 2)Archaia2010
Fraggle Rock Omnibus (Jim Henson’s…)Boom!2018
Fragile HoneymoonOlivia Schanzer1999
Fragile ProphetLost in the Dark2005
FragmentHard Left2005
FragmentsScreaming Cat1986
Fragments of HorrorViz2014
Framed PerspectiveDesign Studio2016
Frammento di Te, UnPanini2005
Francis Blake Affair, TheCinebook2008
Francis, Brother of the UniverseMarvel1980
Frank (Fantagraphics)Fantagraphics1996-1998
Frank (Nemesis)Nemesis1994
Frank and His FriendCurio & Co.2013
Frank Brunner’s Carnal DelightsCarnal Comics2005
Frank BuckFox1950
Frank Cho: IllustratorInsight2000
Frank Cho: Sketches and ScribblesMonkeyboy2003, 2005-2007, 2009
Frank Cho: Women, Selected Drawings and IllustrationsImage2006, 2013
Franken FranSeven Seas2016
Frankenstein (Academic)Academic Industries1984
Frankenstein (Arédit)Arédit1975-1980
Frankenstein (Barron’s)Barron’s2008
Frankenstein (Bernie Wrightson’s…)Dark Horse2008, 2012
Frankenstein (Campfire)Campfire2010
Frankenstein (Das Monster Von…)Williams1974-1976
Frankenstein (Dead Dog)Dead Dog2005
Frankenstein (Dell)Dell1963-1967
Frankenstein (De Schorpioen)De Schorpioen1978
Frankenstein (Edizioni Del Vascello)Edizioni Del Vascello1976-1977
Frankenstein (Eternity)Eternity1989, 1991
Frankenstein (Mary Shelley’s…)Topps1994-1995
Frankenstein (Mary Shelley’s…, 2nd Series)Puffin2005
Frankenstein (Pendulum)Pendulum1972
Frankenstein (Prize)Prize1945-1954
Frankenstein (The Monster of…)Marvel1973-1975
Frankenstein (The Monster of…, UK Edition)Marvel1973-1975
Frankenstein 1910 (Edison’s…)Comics Library International2003
Frankenstein Alive, Alive!Idea + Design Works2012, 2014, 2018
Frankenstein ClassicModern1977
Frankenstein di Mary ShelleyPlay1995
Frankenstein/Dracula War, TheTopps1995
Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.DC2011-2013
Frankenstein, Jr.Gold Key1966
Frankenstein MobsterImage2004-2005
Frankenstein: Now and ForeverTypocrat2005
Frankenstein: Or the Modern PrometheusCaliber1994, 2008
Frankenstein: Or the Modern Prometheus (Marvel)Marvel1983
Frankenstein: Prodigal Son (Dean Koontz’s…)Dabel Brothers2008
Frankenstein: Prodigal Son (Dean Koontz’s…, Vol. 2)Dynamite2010
Frankenstein: Storm Surge (Dean Koontz’s…)Dynamite2015-2016
Frankenstein’s Womb (Warren Ellis’…)Avatar2009
Frankenstein: The Shadow of Frankenstein (novel)Dark Horse2006
Frankenstein UndergroundDark Horse2015
Frank FrazettaBantam Books1975-1996
Frank Frazetta: Art and RemembrancesHermes2013
Frank Frazetta Fantasy IllustratedFrank Frazetta1998-1999
Frank Frazetta: The Living LegendSun1981
Frankie ComicsMargood1947-1949
Frankie FuddleMarvel1949
Frankie Pickle and the Closet of DoomSimon & Schuster2009
Frankie’s FrightmareCat's Paw1991
Frankie SteinImage2010
Frankie Stein (Fleetway)Fleetway Quality1976-1982
Frank in the RiverTundra 
Frank Ironwine (Warren Ellis’…)Avatar2004
Franklin Furnace (Vol. 2)Franklin Furnace1982
Franklin Mint Almanac, The (Vol. 20)Franklin Mint1988
Franklin Richards: April FoolsMarvel2009
Franklin Richards: Collected ChaosMarvel2008
Franklin Richards: Fall Football Fiasco!Marvel2008
Franklin Richards: Happy FranksgivingMarvel2007
Franklin Richards: It’s Dark Reigning Cats & DogsMarvel2009
Franklin Richards: Lab BratMarvel2007
Franklin Richards: March MadnessMarvel2007
Franklin Richards: Monster MashMarvel2007
Franklin Richards: Not-So-Secret InvasionMarvel2008
Franklin Richards One ShotMarvel2006
Franklin Richards: School’s Out!Marvel2009
Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius Ultimate CollectionMarvel2010
Franklin Richards: Sons of GeniusesMarvel2009
Franklin Richards: Spring BreakMarvel2008
Franklin Richards: Summer Smackdown!Marvel2008
Franklin Richards: Super Summer SpectacularMarvel2006
Franklin Richards: World Be WarnedMarvel2007
Frank Luther’s Silly Pilly ComicsChildren1949
Frank Merriwell at YaleCharlton1955
Frank Miller’s Daredevil and the Ends of HeroismRutgers University2016
Frank Miller’s Sin City: The Making of the MovieTroublemaker Publishing2005
Frank Miller: The Art of Sin CityDark Horse2002
Frank Miller: The Spirit StoryboardsDark Fantasy2009
Frank R. Paul: Father of Science Fiction ArtCastle2010
Frank’s Real PaFantagraphics 
Frank the UnicornFragments West1986-1987
Frank The Unicorn’s Island AdventuresInternational Humor Advisory Council1993
Frank Zappa: Viva La BizarreRevolutionary1994
FranticMarvel UK1980-1982
Frau FaustKodansha2018
FrayDark Horse2001-2003
Frayed EndsAlebrije2003
Frazetta Funny StuffIdea + Design Works2012
Frazetta: Illustrations ArcanumVerotik1994
Frazetta Sketchbook, TheVanguard2013
Frazz: Live at Bryson ElementaryAndrews McMeel2001
Freak (Lee Ferguson’s…)Image2004
FreakadelicaCourier Warrior2011
Freak Brothers OmnibusKnockabout2008
Freakers!Buffalo Nickel2000
Freak ForceImage1993-1995
Freak Force (Mini-Series)Image1997
Freak Out on Infant EarthsBlackthorne1987
Freaks’ AmourDark Horse1992
Freaks & GodsAfterburn2015
Freaks Having SexCarnal Comics2005
FreakshowDigital Webbing2003
Freakshow (Ape)Ape2011
Freakshow (Atomic Diner)Atomic Diner2004-2005
Freak Show (Comedy Central)Comedy Central2006
Freak Show (Image)Image2005
Freaks N SqueeksMarvelous Patric2005
Freaks of the HeartlandDark Horse2004-2005
Freaky CreaturesAbandon Interactive2008
Frecce Velenose (Panini Italy)Panini2016
Freckles and His FriendsStandard1947-1956
Fred & Bianca Censorship Sucks SpecialComics Interview1989
Fred & Bianca Mother’s Day MassacreComics Interview 
Fred & Bianca Valentine’s Day MassacreComics Interview1987
Freddy (Charlton)Charlton1958-1964
Freddy (Dell)Dell1963-1964
Freddy Krueger’s Nightmare on Elm StreetMarvel1989
Freddy’s Dead: The Final NightmareInnovation1991-1992
Freddy’s NightmaresTrident1992
Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare WarriorsWildStorm2009
Freddy vs Jason vs AshWildStorm2007–2008
Frederic Remington: The Man Who Painted the WestTome 
Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel UniverseMarvel1989
Fred Hembeck Sells the Marvel UniverseMarvel1990
Fred the ClownHotel Fred2001-2002
Fred the Clown in Iron DuchessFantagraphics2017
Fred the Possessed FlowerHappy Predator1998
Freebie Mad, TheE.C.2005
Freebooters Collection, TheFantagraphics2005
Freebooters/Young Gods/ParadoxmanDark Horse1995
Free CerebusAardvark-Vanaheim1992
Free Comic Book Day (12 Gauge)12 Gauge2012
Free Comic Book Day (Arcana)Arcana2016
Free Comic Book Day (Bluewater)Bluewater2011
Free Comic Book Day (Claypool)Claypool2006
Free Comic Book Day (Dark Horse)Dark Horse2007, 2009, 2010
Free Comic Book Day (Drawn & Quarterly)Drawn and Quarterly2009
Free Comic Book Day (IDW)Idea + Design Works2004, 2009, 2011, 2016
Free Comic Book Day (Image)Image2012
Free Comic Book Day (Marvel)Marvel2006-Present
Free Comic Book Day (Marvel, Spanish Edition)Marvel2015
Free Comic Book Day (Nobrow)Nobrow2017
Free Comic Book Day (Papercutz)Papercutz2016
Free Comic Book Day (Previews)Diamond2014
Free Comic Book Day (Red Giant)Red Giant2014
Free Comic Book Day (Th3rd World)Th3rd World2009
Free Comic Book Day (Viper)Viper2011
Free Comic Book Day (Virgin)Virgin2007-2008
Free Comic Book Day (Viz)Viz2018
Free Comic Book Day (Z2)Z22016
Free Comic Book Day 4Marvel2005
Free Comic Book Day 2007 (Spider-Man)Marvel2007
Free Comic Book Day: Aliens/PredatorDark Horse2009
Free Comic Book Day: Dark CircleArchie2015
Free Comic Book Day Hack/Slash Family GuyDevil’s Due2007
Free Comic Book Day Sampler (Studio 407)Studio 4072009
Free Comic Book Day SneaksTokyopop2006
Free Country: A Tale of the Children’s CrusadeVertigo2015
Freedom (Frank Frazetta’s…)Image2009
Freedom AgentGold Key1963
Freedom Collective, TheRough Cut2009
Freedom FederationBag & Board2009
Freedom FighterGod and Country Graphics1997
Freedom Fighter Adventure SeriesGreen Pirate2001
Freedom FightersDC1976-1978
Freedom Fighters (2nd Series)DC2010-2011
Freedom ForceImage2005
Freedom FormulaRadical2008
Freedom Formula: Speed Metal OverturesStorm Lion2010
Freedom TrainStreet & Smith1948
Free FallNarwain2005
Freelance (Chapterhouse)Chapterhouse2017
Freelance-Robin HoodAnglo-American1945-1946
Freelance Season 2Chapter House2018
Free LaughsDeschaine1987
Free Laughs (Discovery)Discovery1991
Freeman of the Armed ServicesMarkosia2010
Free MarsApe2012
Free RealmsWildStorm2009
Free Scott PilgrimOni2006
Free SexxxEros2006
Free SpeechesOni1998
Freeway FighterTitan2017
Freeway Ninja HanzoSleepyHouse 
Freezing OmnibusSeven Seas2016
French IceRenegade1987-1988
French Kiss ComixQuarterly2004
French TicklersKitchen Sink1989
Frenemy Of The StateOni2010–2011
Frentes de GuerraLa Prensa SCL1952-1968
Frenzy Comic MagazineBimfort1957-1958
FrescazizisLast Gasp1977
Fresh Blood Funny Book, TheLast Gasp1978
Freshly LickedProject H2015
Freshmen (Vol. 2)Image2006–2007
Freshmen: Summer VacationTop Cow2008
Fresh Off the Boat Presents: Legion of Dope-Itude Featuring Lazy BoyBoom!2017
Fresh PuddingFakku2015
Fresh RomanceOni Press2016
Fresno ComixCommonwealth Graphics1973
Frickin’ Butt Kickin’ Zombie AntsDevil’s Due2015
Friday FosterDell1972
Friday the 13th (Wildstorm)WildStorm2007
Friday the 13th: Abuser and the AbusedWildStorm2008
Friday the 13th: Bad LandWildStorm2008
Friday the 13th: BloodbathAvatar2005
Friday the 13th FearbookAvatar2006
Friday the 13th: How I Spent My Summer VacationDC2007
Friday the 13th: Jason vs Jason XAvatar2006
Friday the 13th: Pamela’s TaleWildStorm2007
Friday the 13th SpecialAvatar2005
Friendly Game, ASlave Labor2010
Friendly Ghost, Casper, TheHarvey1958-1991
Friendly Ghost, Casper, The (Canadian Edition)Harvey1958-1991
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-ManMarvel2005–2007
Friends Is Friends:01 First Second2016
Friends of Lulu Presents: Comics Are For Everyone!Friends of Lulu1995
Friends of Lulu Presents: The Girls’ Guide to Guys’ StuffFriends of Lulu2007
Friends of Lulu SuggestsFriends of Lulu1997
Friends of MaxxImage1996-1997
Friends With BoysFirst Second2012
Fright (Eternity)Eternity1988-1989
Frightening CurvesCyberosia2001
Fright NightNow1988-1990
Fright Night 1993 Halloween AnnualNow1993
Fright Night 3-DNow1992
Fright Night 3-D Winter SpecialNow1993
Fright Night II Graphic NovelNow 
Fringe, The (N. Steven Works)N. Steven Works2007
Fringe (WildStorm)WildStorm2008-2009
Fringe: Beyond the FringeWildStorm2012
Fringe: Tales from the FringeWildStorm2010
Frisky AnimalsStar Publications1951-1953
Frisky Animals on ParadeAjax1957-1958
Frisky FablesPremium1945-1950
Fritzi RitzSt. John1948-1958
Fritzi Ritz (IDW)Idea + Design Works2010
Frogman ComicsHillman1952-1953
Frogmen, TheDell1962-1964
Frog PrincesseigoMANGA2009
From Aargh! to Zap! Harvey Kurtzman’s Visual History of the ComicsPrentice1991
From A to Z in the Chocolate AlphabetLast Gasp1978
From BeyondeStudio Insidio 
From Beyond the FridgePinoccio Revival Centre1995
From Beyond the UnknownDC1969-1973
From BloodCosmic Times2012
From Bloom County to Mars: The Imagination of Berkeley BreathedIdea + Design Works2011
From Cloud 99Humanoids2000, 2007
From Dusk Till DawnBig1996
From Eroica With LoveCMX2004-Present
From Far AwayViz2004-2007
From Girls To Grrrlz: A History of Women’s Comics From Teens To ZinesChronicle1999
From Heaven to HellDead Dog2006
From Heaven to Hell (1st Series)Dead Dog2001
From HellKitchen Sink1991, 1992, 1994-1998, 2001
From Hell (Magic)Magic1999
From Hell CompanionTop Shelf2013
From Hell: Dance of the Gull CatchersKitchen Sink1998
From Here to InsanityCharlton1955-1957
From HungaryTom Galambos1996
From Lone MountainDrawn and Quarterly2018
From Now OnAlternative2016
From Pixels to PaperKeenspot2004
From the AshesIdea + Design Works2009–2010
From the DarknessAdventure1990-1991
From the Darkness Book II: Blood VowsCFD1993
From the Desk of Warren EllisAvatar2000
From the Files of… Mike HammerHermes2013
From the Marvel VaultMarvel2011
From the New WorldVertical2014
From the Notebooks of Dr. BrainDel Rey2007
From The PitFantagor1994
From the TombPeter Normanton2005
From the Underground to GENESIS (R. Crumb’s…)Idea + Design Works2017
From the VaultMike Mignola2008-present
From the Vault: The Pulp FilesMoonstone2010
From Under MountainsImage2015–2016
From Wonderland With Love: Danish Comics in the Third MilleniumFantagraphics2009
FrontierSlave Labor1994
Frontier FightersDC1955-1958
Frontier LineCPM1999-2000
Frontier RomancesAvon1949-1950
Frontiers ’86 PresentsFrontiers1986
Frontier WesternMarvel1956-1957
Frontline Combat (E.C.)E.C.1951-1954
Frontline Combat (RCP)RCP1995-1999
Frontlines: RequiemJet City2016
Front Page Comic BookHarvey 
Fro, The: OriginArcana2009
Frostbiter: Wrath of the WendigoCaliber1992
Frost FireBartic Family2012
Frost: The Dying BreedCaliber1991
Frozen (Disney’s… )Joe2016
Frozen Cinestory (Disney’s...)Joe2014
Frozen EmbryoSlave Labor1992
Frozen WastelandArcana2007
Frozen World, AEyekon2013
Fruitful BodyProject H2014
Fruitman SpecialHarvey1969
Fruit NinjaDynamite2017
Fruit Ninja: Ancient OriginsKeenspot2018
Fruit Ninja: Frenzy ForceKeenspot2018
Fruit Ninja UniverseKeenspot2017
Fruit of the Loom PresentsDC1999
Fruits BasketTokyopop2004-2009
Frumpy the ClownOni2001
Fubar: Better Red Than DeadAlterna2014
Fubar: By The SwordFubar2013
Fubar: DeclassifiedAlterna2015
Fubar: Guts and GloryAlterna2014
Fubar II: Empire of the Rising DeadAlterna2011
Fubar: Mother RussiaAlterna2015
Fubar: The Devil’s Dance FloorFubar2012
Fudge and the DragonSavoy1949, 1981
Fuel Up With MilkSUDIA 
Fugitives from JusticeSt. John1952
Fugitivo Temerario, ElEditora Cinco1983-1989
Fu JitsuAfterShock2017-2018
Fujoshi RumiMedia Blasters2009
FuktupHead Imports1972
Fukufuku Kitten TalesVertical2016
Full Bleed: The Comics & Culture QuarterlyIdea + Design Works2018
Full CirkleFull Circle2003-2005, 2008
Full Cirkle (2nd Series)Full Circle2008
Full ColorImage2007
Full Colour Picture Strip AdventureLondon Editions1985
Full Force Manga! from Square EnixSquare Enix2007
Full Frontal NerdityHenchman2004
Full Frontal Nerdity Big Book of Epic FailDo Gooder2007
Full Frontal Nerdity: You’ve Got the Touch! You’ve Got the Powaaahh!Do Gooder2009
Full HouseCPM2004-2005
Full Metal AlchemistViz2005–2011
Fullmetal Alchemist (2nd Series)Viz2005-2007
Fullmetal Alchemist (Panini Italy)Panini 
Fullmetal Alchemist Gold (Panini Italy)Panini2007
Full Metal ComixJackhammer1999
Full Metal Feature WeeklyEH!1998
Full Metal FemmeEverett Hartsoe1998
Full Metal FictionLondon Night1997
Full Metal PanicADV Manga2003-2005
Full Metal Panic! (Panini Italy)Panini2016
Full Metal Panic! 0 (Panini Italy)Panini2016
Full Metal Panic! Another (Panini Italy)Panini2014
Full Metal Panic! Overload!ADV Manga2005
Full Metal Panic! Sigma (Panini Italy)Panini 
Full Moon Canto D’Amore (Panini Italy)Panini2006
Full Moon CrazeMasterpiece2007-2008
Full Moon FeverAiT/Planet Lar2005
Full Moon O SagashiteViz2005
Full of FunDecker1957
Full ThrottleAircel1991
Fumetti del FuturoEdiperiodici1989
Fumetti Flash (1st Series)Edifumetto 
Fumetti Flash (2nd Series)Edifumetto 
Fumetti Flash (3rd Series)Edifumetto 
Fumetti HorrorEdifumetto 
Fumetti TopEdifumetto 
Fun and Games MagazineMarvel1979-1980
Fun Boys Spring SpecialTundra1991
Fun ComicsStar Publications1953
Fun Comics (Bill Black’s…)AC1982-1983
Fun Comics (Vol. 2)(Bill Black’s…)AC1999-2000
Fundo do Mar, OBloch Editores1978
Funeral of the HeartFantagraphics2008
Fun Family, TheTop Shelf2016
Fun HomeHoughton Mifflin2006
Fun HouseMN Design1990
Fun House (J.R. Williams’…)Starhead1993
Funhouse of Horrors (Jazan Wild’s…)Carnival2006
Fun-InGold Key1970-1974
Funky PhantomGold Key1972-1975
Funky WinkerbeanFawcett1984
Funland ComicsCroyden1945
Fun Never Stops!, TheFantagraphics2007
Funnies, TheDell1936-1942
Funnies AnnualAvon1959
Funnies on ParadeEastern Color1933
Funny 3-DHarvey1953
Funny AminalsApex1972
Funny AnimalsCharlton1984
Funny Animals (Apex)Apex1972
Funny BookParents’ Magazine Institute1942-1943
Funny Book, TheFull-Hoeme1975
Funnybook (Almighty)Almighty1971
Funny Book (Fantagraphics)Fantagraphics2005–2006
Funny Book (Richard Corben’s…)Nickelodeon1976
Funny Comics, TheBell Features1942-1946
Funny FablesDecker1957
Funny FilmsACG1949-1954
Funny FolksDC1946-1950
Funny Folks (Colour Comics)Colour1954-1955
Funny FrolicsMarvel1945-1946
Funny FunniesNedor 
FunnymanMagazine Enterprises1948
Funnyman (Siegel And Shuster’s…)Feral House2010
Funny Misshapen BodyTouchstone2009
Funny Pages (Centaur)Centaur1935-1940
Funny Picture StoriesComics Magazine1936-1937
Funny Picture Stories (2nd Series)Centaur1937-1938
Funny Picture Stories (3rd Series)Centaur1939
Funny StuffDC1944-1954
Funny Stuff (Page One)Page One1995-1996
Funny Stuff Stocking StufferDC1985
Funnytime FeaturesEenieweenie1994-1995
Funny TunesU.S.A.1944-1946
Funny Tunes (Avon)Avon1953
Funny World (Marbak)Marbak1947
Fun-Size BeanoD.C. Thomson1997-2010
Funtastic World of Hanna-BarberaMarvel1977-1978
Fun TimeAce1953
Fun Time (Williams)Williams1970-1972
Fun to Learn—BarneyRedan1994-2004
Fun to Learn—FavouritesRedan2002-2004
Fun to Learn—Fireman SamRedan 
Fun to Learn—FriendsRedan2002-2004
Fun with Basky and RobinBaskin-Robbins1979-1980
Fun with Milk & CheeseSlave Labor1994-1995
FurariPonent Mon2014
Furia del West, LaCenisio Editrice 
Furies (Avatar)Avatar1997
Furies, The (Carbon-Based)Carbon-Based1996-1997
Furies (Eric Hess)Eric Hess1994
Furio (Sergio Bonelli)Sergio Bonelli1964-1965
FuriousDark Horse2014
Furious: Angels vs. DevilsSQP2010
Furious Fist of the Drunken MonkeyImperium2004-2005
Furious Fist of the Drunken Monkey: Origin of the SpeciesSilent Devil2006
Furkindred, TheMU1991-1992
Furkindred, The: Let Sleeping Gods LieMU1997
Furries, The1aB2001
Furrlough Presents: Sex KittenRadio Comix2004
Furrlough’s FinestRadio Comix2005
Furry Ninja High SchoolShanda2003
Furry Ninja High School: QuagvilleShanda2006
Furry Ninja High School: Strikes BackShanda2003
Furry Ninja High School: TwilightShanda2005
Furry TailsAntarctic2015
Further Adventures of Batman, TheBantam Books1989
Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix, TheMarvel1996–1997
Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, TheMarvel1983-1985
Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, The (Canadian Edition)Marvel1983
Further Adventures of Nick Wilson, TheImage2018
Further Adventures of Nyoka the Jungle Girl, TheAC1988-2005
Further Adventures of One Page Filler Man, TheImage2005
Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, TheTitan2016
Further Adventures Of Superman, TheBantam Books1993
Further Adventures Of The Joker, TheBantam Books1990
Further Adventures Of Wonder Woman, TheBantam Books1993
Further Adventures of Young Jeffy Dahmer, TheBoneyard 
Further Fattening Adventures of Pudge, Girl Blimp, TheStar*Reach 
Fury (1st Series)Marvel1994
Fury (2nd Series)Marvel2001–2002
Fury (Dell)Dell1962
Fury (Marvel UK)Marvel UK1977
Fury/Agent 13Marvel1998
Fury/Black Widow: Death DutyMarvel1995
Fury MaxMarvel2012-2013
Fury of Firestorm, TheDC1982-1987
Fury of Firestorm, The (Canadian Edition)DC1982-1987
Fury of HellinaLightning1995
Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D.Marvel1995
Fury of the Firestorm: The Nuclear MenDC2011–2013
Fury: PeacemakerMarvel2006
Fury: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th AnniversaryMarvel2015
Fuse, TheImage2014-2016
Fuse (Fusebox)Fusebox2002
Fused (Dark Horse)Dark Horse2004
Fused TalesBoom!2005
Fushigi CircusLast Gasp2011
Fushigi YûgiViz2002-2006
Fushigi Yûgi (Panini Italy)Panini2001
Fushigi Yûgi: Genbu KaidenViz2005-2007
Fushigi Yûgi Special (Panini)Panini2005
Fushigi Yûgi Special (Panini Italy)Panini2005
Fusion (Image)Image2009
Fusion AnthologyDominion2005
Fusion XProject IV2006
Futaba-kun ChangeIroncat 
Futaba-kun Change (Vol. 2)Ironcat 
Futaba-kun Change (Vol. 3)Ironcat1999
Futaba-kun Change (Vol. 4)Ironcat2001
Futaba-kun Change (Vol. 5)Ironcat2001
Futaba-kun Change (Vol. 6)Ironcat2002
Futaba-kun Change (Vol. 7)Ironcat2001
Futaba-kun Change (Vol. 8)Ironcat2002-2003
Futura (Lug)Editions Lug1972-1975
[Futura]: L’Art de R.BlackDark Horse2007
Futurama (Bongo)Bongo2000-Present
Futurama (Slave Labor)Slave Labor1989
Futurama ComicsTitan 
Futurama Comics (Panini)Panini2000
Futurama ReturnsBongo2007
Futurama/Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis, TheBongo2002
Future BeatOasis1986
Future ComicsDavid McKay1940
Future Cop: L.A.P.D.WildStorm1998–1999
Future CourseReoccurring Images1993
Future DayFlying Buttress1979
Future DiaryTokyopop2009
Future Gold (Vol. 2)New Media1981
Future Greatest Stars of the NBA, The: LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo AnthonyTokyopop2005
Future IlkLeo Winstead2016
Future ImperfectMarvel2015
Future LoversAurora2008-2009
Future MagazineFuture Magazine1978
Future ProofBliss On Tap2014-2016
Future QuestDC2016
Future Quest PresentsDC2017-2018
Futures End (Urban)Urban2015
Future ShockSci-Fi Comix 
Future Shock ZeroBig Planet/Retrofit2016
Future TenseMarvel UK1980-1981
Future World ComicsGeorge W. Doughty1946
Future World ComixWarren1978
Futurians (Semic)Semic2001
Futurians (Vol. 2)Äardwolf1995
Futurians by Dave Cockrum, TheLodestone1985-1986
Futurians ReturnAardwolf2016
Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now (Cory Doctorow’s…)Idea + Design Works2007-2008
Futuro TierraTony Lorenz 
Fuzz & PluckFantagraphics 
Fuzz & Pluck in SplitsvilleFantagraphics2001, 2002, 2006, 2008
Fuzzy BaseballPapercutz2016
Fuzzy Buzzard and FriendsHall of Heroes1995
Fuzzy Knights: Tails From the TableKenzer and Company2005
FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie AgencyRadical2009–2010
FXIdea + Design Works2008
FX2: The Lost LandIdea + Design Works2010
Fyre-DragonBlack Square2010