Titles containing “archives”

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TitlePublisherYears Published
Action Heroes Archives, TheDC2004
Adam Strange Archives, TheDC2004, 2006, 2008
Adventures Into The Unknown ArchivesDark Horse2012-2015
All Star ArchivesDC1991-2005
AM Archives: The Three Stooges Meet Robin Hood ReprintAmerican Mythology2022
American Mythology Archives: Laurel and HardyAmerican Mythology2020
American Mythology Archives: The Three StoogesAmerican Mythology2019
American Mythology Archives: ZorroAmerican Mythology2020
Aquaman Archives, TheDC2003
Archie ArchivesDark Horse2011-2015
Archie’s Pal Jughead ArchivesDark Horse2016
Archives, TheGrayHaven2012
Archives DC (Panini): BatmanPanini 
Archives DC (Panini): SupermanPanini 
Astérix: Les Archives (Editions Atlas)Editions Atlas 
Atom Archives, TheDC2001, 2003
Barry Windsor-Smith Archives ConanDark Horse2009-2010
Batman ArchivesDC1991-1998, 2001, 2005, 2012
Batman Archives (Semic)Semic 
Batman: The Dark Knight ArchivesDC1992
Batman: The Dynamic Duo ArchivesDC2003, 2006
Batman: The World’s Finest Comics ArchivesDC2002
Bill Everett ArchivesFantagraphics2013
Black Canary ArchivesDC2001
Black Flame Archives, TheDevil’s Due/1First2017
Blackhawk Archives, TheDC2001
Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery ArchivesDark Horse2009-2010
Brain Boy ArchivesDark Horse2011
Brave and the Bold Team-Up Archives, TheDC2005
Brothers of the Spear ArchivesDark Horse2011
Captain Comet ArchivesDC2013
Captain Midnight ArchivesDark Horse2013
Challengers of the Unknown ArchivesDC2003-2004
Chapterhouse Archives: Captain CanuckChapterhouse2016
Chapterhouse Archives: NorthguardChapterhouse2016
Chilling Archives of Horror Comics, TheYoe2014
Comic Cavalcade Archives, TheDC2005
Creepy ArchivesDark Horse2008
Crime Does Not Pay ArchivesDark Horse2012-2015
Dagar The Invincible ArchivesDark Horse2011
Dark Horse Archives: Al Capp’s ShmooDark Horse2008
DC Comics Rarities ArchivesDC2004
Deadworld ArchivesCaliber 
Doc Savage ArchivesDynamite2014
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Archives OmnibusTitan2016
Doom Patrol Archives, TheDC2002, 2004
EC Archives, The: Aces HighDark Horse2017
EC Archives, The: Crime PatrolDark Horse2022
E.C. Archives: Crime SuspenStoriesGemstone2007
E.C. Archives: Frontline CombatGemstone2009
EC Archives, The: GunfighterDark Horse2022
EC Archives, The: ImpactDark Horse2020
EC Archives, The: Incredible Science FictionDark Horse2017
EC Archives, The: MDDark Horse2021
EC Archives, The: Modern LoveDark Horse2019
EC Archives, The: PanicDark Horse2015
EC Archives, The: PiracyDark Horse2019
EC Archives, The: PsychoanalysisDark Horse2020
EC Archives, The: Saddle JusticeDark Horse2021
E.C. Archives: Shock SuspenStoriesGemstone2006
E.C. Archives: Tales From the CryptGemstone2006–2007
EC Archives, The: The Haunt of FearDark Horse2012, 2015
E.C. Archives: The Vault of HorrorGemstone2007
EC Archives, The: The Vault of Horror (2nd Series)Dark Horse2021-2022
E.C. Archives: Two-Fisted TalesGemstone2007
EC Archives, The: ValorDark Horse2016
EC Archives, The: War Against CrimeDark Horse2018
EC Archives, The: Weird FantasyDark Horse2014, 2016, 2018, 2019
E.C. Archives: Weird ScienceGemstone2006
Eerie ArchivesDark Horse 
Elfquest ArchivesDC2003-2005, 2007
Enemy Ace Archives, TheDC2002, 2006
Extra!: The E.C. ArchivesDark Horse2018
Flash Archives, TheDC1996-2012
Flash Gordon Comic-Book ArchivesDark Horse2010-2011
Forbidden Worlds ArchivesDark Horse2012
Golden Age Doctor Fate Archives, TheDC2007
Golden Age Flash ArchivesDC1999, 2005
Golden Age Green Lantern ArchivesDC2009
Golden Age Hawkman ArchivesDC2005
Golden Age Sandman Archives, TheDC2004
Golden Age Spectre Archives, TheDC2003
Golden Age Starman Archives, TheDC2000
Green Lantern ArchivesDC1993, 1999, 2001-2002, 2004, 2007
Grendel ArchivesDark Horse2006
Haruhiko Mikimoto Character Design ArchivesPie2021
Hawkman Archives, TheDC2000-2004
Herbie ArchivesDark Horse2008
JSA All Stars Archives, TheDC2007
Justice League of America ArchivesDC1992-2004
Kamandi ArchivesDC2005, 2007
Knuckles: The Echidna ArchivesArchie2011
Legion of Super-Heroes ArchivesDC1991-Present
Lethal Strike ArchivesLondon Night1997
Mad Archives, TheDC2003, 2007
Magicman ArchivesDark Horse2008
Metal Men Archives, TheDC2006
Mister X: The ArchivesDark Horse2008
Modern Love: The E.C.ArchivesDark Horse2020
Mummy Archives, TheMillennium1992
Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus, TheImage2008
Nemesis ArchivesDark Horse2008
New Teen Titans ArchivesDC1999, 2004, 2006, 2008
Nexus ArchivesDark Horse2005-2011
Noble Causes, ArchivesImage2008
Original Art ArchivesGenesis West2013
Original Daredevil ArchivesDark Horse2013
Planet of the Apes ArchivesBoom!2017
Plastic Man ArchivesDC1998-2006
Razor ArchivesLondon Night1997
Robin ArchivesDC2005
Robotech ArchivesTitan2018
Robotech Archives: The SentinelsTitan2019
Rook Archives, The (W. B. Dubay’s…)Dark Horse2017
Roy Rogers ArchivesDark Horse2008
Savage Dragon ArchivesImage1998-1999
Savage Dragon Archives (2nd Series)Image2006, 2016
Sgt. Rock Archives, TheDC2003, 2005
Seven Soldiers of Victory ArchivesDC2005, 2007
Shazam! Archives, TheDC1992, 1999
Shazam! Family Archives, TheDC2006
Silver Streak Archives Featuring The Original DaredevilDark Horse2012-Present
Sonic the Hedgehog ArchivesArchie2006–Present
Space Family Robinson ArchivesDark Horse2011
Spirit Archives, The (Will Eisner’s…)DC2000–2009
Star Trek ArchivesIdea + Design Works2008
Star Trek Gold Key ArchivesIdea + Design Works2014
Steve Ditko Archives, TheFantagraphics2009
Supergirl ArchivesDC2001
Superman ArchivesDC1989-1994, 2000, 2003
Superman Archives (Semic)Semic2004
Superman in Action Comics ArchivesDC1997, 1998, 2001, 2005, 2007
Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane ArchivesDC2011
Superman: The Man of Tomorrow ArchivesDC2004
Superman: The World’s Finest Comics ArchivesDC2004
Teen Titans Archives, TheDC2003
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives, TheDC2003-Present
Vampirella ArchivesDynamite2010-Present
Walt Disney Film Archives, TheTaschen2022
Widow: ArchivesMike Wolfer2015
Widow Archives: The SeriesAmerican Mythology2018
WildStorm Archives: Genesis the #1 CollectionImage1998
Wonder Woman ArchivesDC1998, 2000
Wonder Woman: The Amazon Princess ArchivesDC2013
World’s Finest ArchivesDC1999
X-Men ArchivesMarvel1995
X-Men Archives Featuring Captain BritainMarvel1995-1996
X-Men Archives SketchbookMarvel2000